Monday, May 01, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - May 1, 2006

In Worst Episode Ever, according to Milhouse, his doctor forbids him to go on what?
A. Monkey bars
B. Junkets
C. Moving sidewalks
D. Sprees

Memorable quotes from this episode:
Comic Book Guy: Breath.. short... left..arm.. numb. Can't go on.. describing.. symptoms much longer :collapses:

One more:
Comic Book Guy: Oh please. If I wanted to hear mindless droning I'd befriend an air conditioner.
Moe: Oh now he's raggin' on air conditioners.
Carl: Hey they keep us cool in the summer, pal.
Lenny: Get 'im!


James said...

ooo. that's a tough one...

I'm going with:

D. Sprees

I like this episode quite a bit.

jamesmo said...

Me not sure.

I'll say monkey bars.

AquariusDragon said...

A: Monkey bars.

Matt said...

I'll vote... sprees

Ferda said...

Congratulations to James & Matt. Correct answer is D. Sprees

Milhouse: Can I see the fifty Bart, can I? Huh?
Bart: Milhouse my friend, you and I are going on a spending spree.
Milhouse: My doctor says I'm not supposed to go on spree's.
Bart: What about jags?
Milhouse: Jags are fine.
Bart: Wonderful.

James said...

ahhh yeah.