Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Update May 31/06

Things have been busy as we get closer to our departure date for London. We're both super excited, but we both have a lot of take care of before we take off.

Been doing some work around the house: planted more flowers, decided to paint the garage door a new colour. I primed it on Monday, but haven't had a chance to put the real paint on it yet. I'm hoping I can get one coat done tonight, and the second on Thursday. It's a dark colour so it will require two coats. I think if I have time this weekend, I'll paint the front door the same colour.

As what has become a summer tradition, we've been playing lots of ultimate. Our regular nights are Tuesday and Friday, but we're starting to be recruited as subs for other teams for Monday and Wednesdays... which is a good thing because the extra running and exercise will do us good. So far our Tuesday team is 2-1 and our Friday team is 1-0.

Over the past weekend we did some bike riding, watched some movies, went boating with Alex and Holly, even played some mexican train dominoes. The boat ride was fun, and lucky, since the motor crapped out just as we returned to the dock.

The movies we watched were Grandma's Boy, Last Holiday, and The Island. All three were pretty good, each was a different type of movie: comedy, feel-good, and action packed respectively. I would recommend Grandma's Boy, VERY funny:

Alex: Dude, your bed is a car...
Jeff: Yeah, but it's a sweet car.

Anyway, see that movie. Peace out.


Ferda said...

We lucked out on the movies. I enjoyed them all. Definitely recommend them.

Kevin said...

Grandma's Boy is a weeeeeeeird movie.

Funny, but absolutely random. Who thought they'd ever be able to make a movie about a video game tester's life?

Ferda said...

it's def James' dream gig.

James said...

ugh, it's many guy's dream gig.