Friday, June 30, 2006


Here's a teaser pic from the Simpson's Euro trip '06:

Not to be outdone by Jamesmo posing in front of the Manequin Pis, we had to follow their lead. And believe it or not, it also rained while we were in Belgium. I guess we probably saw the same tourist attractions in Brussels as they did: Grand Place, Atomium, smelly drunks sleeping in gutters, etc.

We were told after the fact that apparently there exists a female version of the manequin pis, however, we never saw it. That's pretty interesting, eh? I wonder if she's adopted the front-squat or rear-squat...

Back to work

Bad news:
Vacation is over. Back to work.

Good news:
Long weekend starts at officially 4:30 pm. Many interesting plans coming up.

>> Stayed tuned for further updates about our vacation coming later <<

Saturday, June 24, 2006

mini review: tenerife, canarias

beunos dias, senirors and seniroritas. we arrived back to london late last night, around midnight or something. our plane was majorly delayed something crazy like 6 hours, so we spent it all in the airport playing bridge with ferda's mom and dad. it was fun. the airline gave us each 14€ we could spend on food, so we were slightly taken care of.

The trip was frickin awesome. Our place was very close to the beach, had good food, a decent pool. It wasn't as good as cuba was, I think we had a pretty sweet place in cuba that time. but this was different, the canary islands (islas canarias) are part of spain, located on the west coast of africa, near morocco. it's made of 5-7 islands, all dorment volcanos, very unique. also very full of euro trash tourists.

I remember one day we played volleyball with someother guest, and this one guy came out to play in literally is tighty blacky little ck's. he was quite 'mo, if you catch my drift, but very strange nonetheless.

tell you more later,

ps - the pic is taken from our patio that overlooked the ocean and the rest of the city. we were on the tenth floor (the top).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Greetings from Tenerife, Canary Islands!

Hey folks,

Hope you´re all doing well. We´re enjoying ourselves just lazing around, catching up on some reading and taking walks around the island. My internet connection is going to expire in 2 minutes so I´m going to jet. Bye!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

UK Update

Here's a pic from Bushy Park which is near Kingston Upon Thames, where we tried to enjoy a picnic lunch, however, we were interupted by this deer and two of his friends that wanted to taste our burek. I convinced him that grass tastes much better.

After the picnic in the park, we went to Hampton Court Palace and watched an operetta in the palace court. It was quite a different experince, very British.

That was all on Monday.

Today, (Tuesday) we went to Windsor castle and did the tour there. Very interesting history in the royal rooms and the chapel that's within the walls. Then we were hit with a UK special torrential rain storm. We ended the day with some turkish food at a little shop near our place.

Tomorrow I think the plan is to do some shopping in preparation for Friday's trip to Canary Islands. The hotel/resort we are staying at requires long pants be worn for dinner. And during my usual rushing style while packing back in Ottawa, I grabbed a pair of khakis and stuffed 'em in my bag. After unpacking the other day, I discovered they were actually Ferda's khakis. So I gotta buy a pair of pants, and maybe get some new shirts too, long and short sleeved.

Been watching a lot of the World Cup games, but I must say that the games haven't been fantastic. I've seen better play in the 13 year old kids I coached back in Vancouver. Some teams and players are so lazy, they just sit back and barely run. But I must give the brits their props, I've seen the St George's Cross everywhere: out windows, on cars and buses, even billboards. I would be very happy for England if they were to win.

£peace out£

Monday, June 12, 2006

Arrived in London

The plane ride here sucked, but we eventully made it. And the customs at Gatwick airport were awful, took almost 2 hours to get through the queue.

Yesterday, visited Greenwich, where time starts, and drove around downtown, by Picadilly, London Bridge, Big Ben, parliament.

Today, perhaps Windsor castle.

super_ap out.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Post for a while

So today's a pretty good day: start of the world cup and last day of work for 3 weeks.

We leave for London tomorrow night, and don't come back til Thursday the 29th. No hard core plans for touring Europe have been established as of yet, but I expect we'll do some last minute bookings to get to France, Spain, Italy, wherever.

Man, I'm so excited.

super_ap out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - June 8, 2006

In The Old Man and the Key, what teen flick do Marge, Homer, Abe and his date see at the drive-in?

A. "American Meatloaf"
B. "I Know What You Did in the Closet"
C. "Honey, You Shrunk My Shorts"
D. "Dude, Where's My Virginity?"


memorable episode quotes:
Homer: Lisa doesn't borrow my car and stay out all night with some hoochie!
Abe: She's no hoochie! Her name is Zelda and she understands me.
Marge: Grampa, I gotta tell you, she's a stone cold hoochie!
Homer: Straight up, Marge! That hoochie only likes you because you can drive.
Abe: Shut up! You don't know her! Zelda loves me!

one more:
Apu: Oh, gentlemen. The new scratch and win tickets are out today!
Abe: I'll take one, Achu!
Apu: No, not chu, poo!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - 6-6-6

In Weekend at Burnsie's, stoned on pot, Homer asks Ned Flanders what biblical question?

A. Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?
B. Is Charlton Heston really the son of God?
C. Was Jesus a zombie?
D. Did there need to be two flatworms on the Ark?


Memorable episode quotes:
Marge: Hello..
Homer: Marge, I just realized I'm the "ow" in the word low. And if you tell anyone..
Marge: Honey I like it when you call but we just talked five minutes ago, hang on I've got call waiting... Hello?
Homer: Hey, it's me. I've got Marge on the other line and she is totally bumming me out.

one more:
Ned: Hi-diddly hey Homer.
Homer: Oh my god this dude does the best Flanders! You got the moustache, and the diddly. Okay, now do Wiggum.
Ned: Heheh, Homer it's me, Ned.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - June 2, 2006

In I am Furious Yellow, who do we learn Comic Book Guy has been stalking?

A. Sarah Michelle Gellar
B. Lucy Lawless
C. Linda Carter
D. Michael Keaton


Memorable epi. quote:
Ned: Here's a preview: :sings: God said to Noah, build yourself an arky-arky. Animals came on by, onesies and twosies twosies, elephants and kangaroosies roosies!

my nerdie...

This morning around 6:15 I woke up to some tossing and turning coming from my honey. He was still asleep but he looked so distraught and was, well, wimpering. I gave him a hug and asked what was wrong. This is the conversation that ensued as he was still practically asleep:

me: Honey, what's the matter?

super_ap: *still practically asleep. Eyes closed and everything* I had a bad dream

me: *concerned* Oh no, what happened?

super_ap: I can't find my calculator?!?!?

me: Honey, what were you doing?

super_ap: Math.

heeheheeehee. At this point I rolled back and let him get back to his math nightmare and I went back for a snoozer of my own. I hope he doesn't kill me for posting this. He is such a cutie. My lil' nerdie... oh how I love him!

Friday's Time Waster

Not much to say about this, just check the link and report back with your comments:

Nintendo Amusement Park

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - June 1, 2006

Happy Gay Pride Month everybody!

and now to trivia...

In The Sweetest Apu, what special ingredient does Moe add to make Marge a more feminine tropical drink?

A. Pineapple rinds
B. Glass cleaner
C. A plastic flower
D. Watered-down rum

Memorable episode quote:
Manjula: You've completed the list, you may now move back in with your family and your never ending disgrace.
Homer: Wait, wait, you forgot to eat a light bulb.
Apu: Oh, thankyou very much you big fat blabbermouth. Sorry, sorry, it's been a rough month.
Homer: Here you go. Don't worry, I soaked it in the toilet to soften it up.