Monday, June 12, 2006

Arrived in London

The plane ride here sucked, but we eventully made it. And the customs at Gatwick airport were awful, took almost 2 hours to get through the queue.

Yesterday, visited Greenwich, where time starts, and drove around downtown, by Picadilly, London Bridge, Big Ben, parliament.

Today, perhaps Windsor castle.

super_ap out.


Thrakesh said...

Glad to hear you guys made it in.

Oh, and burn - I told you that you would end up bloggin across Europe.

Now, go get some tickets to the world cup already.

Kevin said...

You're right thrakesh, if they're in Europe now and DON'T go see a World Cup game?

The word "disgrace" comes to mind! ;-)

James said...

world cup tickets for england: £1,100

going to canary islands for one week: priceless

who is burning who now?

James said...

that's right, we booked a week long trip to canary islands of spain, it's going to be pretty sweet. we leave on friday (16th), and stay for one week. When return, we will drive to france thru the chunnel and then over to belgium also. we'll see how far we get into europe before we have to turn back and return to london for our departure to ottawa on the 29th.

Kevin said...

Ok fine.

When you put it that way, I think you win.

Enjoy the sun!!

Sister of James and Ferda said...

Wow... I am green with ENVYYYYYYYYY

and here I am punching in numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT DA?!?!?!