Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Greetings from Tenerife, Canary Islands!

Hey folks,

Hope you´re all doing well. We´re enjoying ourselves just lazing around, catching up on some reading and taking walks around the island. My internet connection is going to expire in 2 minutes so I´m going to jet. Bye!


Jen said...

After that awesome deer picture I have come to expect illustrations with your posts. And here I am sorely disappointed that there are no canaries, islands or Canary Islands in this post. Booo.

Hope you're having a blast! There'd better be pictures when you get back. Or else. (Or else what? I don't really know. Just pretend I sound really threatening, mmkay?)

Kevin said...

You guys better not be losing your Ultimate legs while you're lounging around!

Alpha-1 is shooting up the ladder and it looks like we'll probably be facing off in a couple weeks!

You better be ready, I don't want any "I have a sunburn" excuses from James!

James said...

no excuses. don't worry. we've been practicing on the beach and in the ocean.