Saturday, June 24, 2006

mini review: tenerife, canarias

beunos dias, senirors and seniroritas. we arrived back to london late last night, around midnight or something. our plane was majorly delayed something crazy like 6 hours, so we spent it all in the airport playing bridge with ferda's mom and dad. it was fun. the airline gave us each 14€ we could spend on food, so we were slightly taken care of.

The trip was frickin awesome. Our place was very close to the beach, had good food, a decent pool. It wasn't as good as cuba was, I think we had a pretty sweet place in cuba that time. but this was different, the canary islands (islas canarias) are part of spain, located on the west coast of africa, near morocco. it's made of 5-7 islands, all dorment volcanos, very unique. also very full of euro trash tourists.

I remember one day we played volleyball with someother guest, and this one guy came out to play in literally is tighty blacky little ck's. he was quite 'mo, if you catch my drift, but very strange nonetheless.

tell you more later,

ps - the pic is taken from our patio that overlooked the ocean and the rest of the city. we were on the tenth floor (the top).

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