Tuesday, June 13, 2006

UK Update

Here's a pic from Bushy Park which is near Kingston Upon Thames, where we tried to enjoy a picnic lunch, however, we were interupted by this deer and two of his friends that wanted to taste our burek. I convinced him that grass tastes much better.

After the picnic in the park, we went to Hampton Court Palace and watched an operetta in the palace court. It was quite a different experince, very British.

That was all on Monday.

Today, (Tuesday) we went to Windsor castle and did the tour there. Very interesting history in the royal rooms and the chapel that's within the walls. Then we were hit with a UK special torrential rain storm. We ended the day with some turkish food at a little shop near our place.

Tomorrow I think the plan is to do some shopping in preparation for Friday's trip to Canary Islands. The hotel/resort we are staying at requires long pants be worn for dinner. And during my usual rushing style while packing back in Ottawa, I grabbed a pair of khakis and stuffed 'em in my bag. After unpacking the other day, I discovered they were actually Ferda's khakis. So I gotta buy a pair of pants, and maybe get some new shirts too, long and short sleeved.

Been watching a lot of the World Cup games, but I must say that the games haven't been fantastic. I've seen better play in the 13 year old kids I coached back in Vancouver. Some teams and players are so lazy, they just sit back and barely run. But I must give the brits their props, I've seen the St George's Cross everywhere: out windows, on cars and buses, even billboards. I would be very happy for England if they were to win.

£peace out£


Sis of Super-AP said...


1. I am still envious
2. I am hating work
3. Awwww.. kiss ma and pa for me
4. check Ferda's gmail when you get the chance. It is about work - don't hate me but the prof is pissed at me. Note: do you have gmail or anythign other than CU mail?


Thrakesh said...

Ha - not only are you posting mini-blogs, but now you are doing full one's (with photos) too... hahahaha

I keep forgetting to bring in my friend code for mario kart.

Kevin said...

Way to make us proud, James! Protecting your family from those bloodthirsty British deer!

So much for Last Post for a while, eh now?

Glad to hear everything is going well for you guys!

James said...

you are all just jealous. :-)

Pino: sorry work sucks - I emailed you back about your work problem. Hope I was able to help.

Thrakesh: no rush on the friend code, our battery died and I can't find a stepdown voltage converter so that we cn use the charger. If I can charge it somehow, I'll let you know.

Kevin: damn straight! those deer were frickin crazy! came right up to us and tried to eat my burek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

delighted to hear about your exploits, watch out for those English deer, no manners. Have fun kids love Mum.

mr_jeff said...

is that jesus in the background of the deer picture? or some dude wearing white after labour day? whoa!

Sner said...

hey guys - it's heather - I'm taking a big risk here linking to my totally geeky knitting blog. James is making me do it. I love the picture, it's amazing how bold the deer were!

It's taking all of our stregth not to go see Nacho Libre till you get back!!

James said...

jeff: isn't july technically before labour day? :-)

sner: just breifly looked at your blog while we were away. Will go see some more now that we're back in London and internet doesn't cost 1 € / minute.