Tuesday, July 25, 2006

(7 + 29) / 6 = Love?

[Note: for all my imaginary readers of this blog who are not interested in mushy posts - please look away now]

Is this the new math? Or some crazy formula dug up amungst all that Da Vinci Code hype? Nope. It's simply a numerical expression of the date for which my first anniversary falls on. So without further delay, here's a small poem I wrote for my beautiful wife. I know it's a few days early, but I couldn't help but tell the world how much I love her:

Dearest Ferda, what can I say?
How I love you in every way
Now it's time to mark so clear
Our anniversary...of one year.

You treat me like your king
Upon my throne so high
Is it any wonder why I feel
Like the luckiest man alive.

You're just so truly sweet to me
Generous with all your gifts
Please know what it means to me
And how my spirit lifts.

I love that now we can share
Everything that we are
From sports to food and films and such
Even your old Honda car.

Together we have seen so much
Honestly Ferda, I can say
That being with you, my love
Gets easier day by day

Our wedding, it was the best
Next to family and friends
I could have been in heaven
So sad that day had to end.

Then later to our honeymoon
On the beach with sun and sand
Ferda, it was frickin’ awesome
Being there hand in hand.

But best of all my dream
Continues to this very day
Honey, we are soul mates
Together, in every way.

I truly feel this from my heart
For I wouldn't have a clue
Just how I'd live this life of mine
If I were here without you.

So on this day we mark our marriage
To toast, I’ll drink some beers
And say, with love that keeps on growing
I'll look forward to many more years.

Happy 1st Anniversary!



Ferda said...

I am going to smother you in kisses when I see you tonight!!!

I love you so much!

CoBro said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Congratulations on your one year anniversary you two!!

Kevin said...

Congratulations guys!


Holly said...

That was an awesome poem James! Congrats on your on your one year anniversary!

AquariusDragon said...

Happy Anniversary! One year already and many more to come! Congratulations!

Sner said...

James you are so cute - teach mine how to be this cute, please? Congrats on the anniversary, many more to come!

Anonymous said...

And a (belated) happy anniversary from us too. The first year is the hardest!! From now it gets easier, downhill all the way. Jack

Jen said...

Congrats you guys! Happy anniversary tomorow (July 29th). I didn't know you got married on a Friday last year? Doesn't it just seem like yesterday?

James said...

yep - we got married on a Friday last year. And let me tell you: the time certainly did fly by quickly.

It was great though. :-)

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support!