Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Time Wasters - July 7th

So, Friday is here. Short weeks are great since they go by so fast. And we kept pretty busy during the evening this week, thanks to Matt for having us over last night. Well - won't keep you waiting, I've got two new flash games that I've found that are pretty cool:

Firstly, BinBall. Very similar to Cyrkam Airtos, (which I recommend you check out as well), with the office setting and you have to sink baskets with a paper ball. Jamesmo and I played this one for months, then we started the actual paper ball basket game. Our area of the office was LITTERED with brick paper balls. Anway, BinBall gets you to kick a soccer ball into a bin at various place in the office. Very world cup inspired.

And secondly, DiceWars. I'm very hooked on this one. It's a Risk sim that's really quick and sets you up against any number of computer opponents. You're always purple and trying to take over the randomly generated land formations.

Check 'em out, waste your time, and have a great weekend! See most of you at Schmo's wedding tomorrow!


Kevin said...

Maybe you could start a flash-game-finding business! That way, you might actually be able to say you work for your money during the day!



James said...

burn on me