Friday, July 14, 2006

Killing Time

Quick, someone, anyone, send me something to kill time! Today is just dragging by. I should have borrowed Palmer's idea and stayed home for today (even though he's sick - get better buddy). Or better yet, taken Holly's plans of going to Vegas for the week with Joelle and Michelle. Lucky girls.

My plans for this weekend include Gullwings ultimate tonight, more DS-ing, Saturday visit to Hawkesbury/cottage to see the paternal parental unit and his mangled hand. Last weekend he was ripping a 2x4 with this table saw up at the cottage - I guess he wasn't paying close attention 'cause he nearly ripped three of his fingers off! The middle finger was the worse, the tendon was completely severed. He had to go to Ottawa General were a plastic surgeon there was able to reattach it. For now, mobility in those fingers is zero; but hopefully, with some hard work and physio, he should be back to normal. Or as normal as my dad gets. :-)

For your enjoyment, here's the email I got from my dad, Monday, July 10th:

hi james:

just thought i'd tell you, before someone else does, that i've had a bit of damage to my hand as a result of carelessness with my tablesaw. it's really not serious, mostly just a pain in the ass, as i only have one hand to type with. although i may not be able to make capital letters, i can type the lower case ones just as neatly.

i have to go to the General, in ottawa for plastic surgery, and physio, so you'll probably be seeing alot of me for the next while.

My reply:

Are you serious? What happened?

Then he wrote back:

i was ripping a 2x4 into 2 1x4s when the blade came through and cut my fingers. doug took me to hawkesbury hospital and they sent me to the general in ottawa. nerves and tendons were cut then repaired. I may never play the piano again, but with alot of hard work and physiotherapy, I will definetly play the violin as well as ever, maybe even better.


pollcrazy said...

lol, did you take his power tools away?

Jen said...

omg. i hope he is ok. he sure makes it sound no worse than a papercut. your dad is a trouper!

Ferda said...

He really is a goof ball. Best father-in-law a girl could have.

James said...

he certainly is a goofball, that's for sure. but we both love him.

And as for power tools, I'm taking them away this weekend.

Palmer said...

Did he really play violin?

James said...