Thursday, July 20, 2006

Movie Review: Super Street Fighter Alpha Combo

No. We didn't see a movie called Super Street Fighter Alpha Combo. As far as I know, it doesn't exist. Even though that would be pretty frickin' cool. But I sure got your attention, didn't I. On with the show. For this movie review session I'll be going though 4 movies we have seen recently: Pink Panther, Cinema Paradiso, Mr. 3000, and The Matador.

Pink Panther

Let's see - how to start... We caught this one on the plane coming home from London. Very funny movie. It was also pretty funny since Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) is a ridiculously stupid French national, and since the plane was full of English, they were all laughing it up in accordance to England's second favourite national past-time: making fun of French people (I'm assuming number 1 is either soccer or drinking...). The film was also cool since it was mostly filmed in Paris, and we could say we had literally just visited most of the locations. All in all, a hilarious movie that I recommend. Martin has a great French accent that you must hear. I give it quatre Tour d'Eiffel's out of cinq.

Cinema Paradiso

From Hollywood poking fun at the French, we now move to an purely Italian classic. Ferda rented this one on account of Artoo's advice. Alex was over at the time and the three of us sat down to watch. Perhaps we had that wrong attitude when we started, and as such, this masterpiece when down poorly. In retrospect, it really was a great movie, but I didn't enjoy it at the time. I do recommend it, but make sure you book a solid 2.5 hour break out of your bocce ball tournament before sitting down to watch.

Mr. 3000

Lately, Bernie Mac has been in quite a few movies. And I am loving it. I think the first movie that got me on the Bermie Mac Bandwagon was the remake of Guess Who, which paired the 'Mac side by side with Ashton Kutcher. Since then, I've seen as many Bernie Mac movies that Ferda will allow me to rent. She enjoyed this one too, even liked the baseball theme - perhaps due to our constant battles on Mario Baseball. Full of great jokes and one liners, this movie has what you want in an all-around comedy: laughs, great story, and a good finish: 2999 hits out of 3000.

The Matador

Call me crazy or don't call me crazy, but I am a huge Pierce Brosnan fan. I've seen tons of his movies, even own a few - and I'll continue to watch them since he does not disappoint. Same thing goes for this movie: Brosnan puts on a great performance, however, not with the typical James Bond coolness we are used to. He plays a hitman / assassin type (ok, we're used to that role), but he's a little off his rocker this time. Oh yeah, and also, he's quite a 'dirty' character with TONS of great, dirty one-liners (I'll put some at the end). He forms an unusual friendship with Greg Kinnear's character and things get going from there. Good story, great twists. Ten MI5 agents out of ten.

Quotes from the Matador:
[Julian Noble = Pierce Brosnan, while Danny Wright = Greg Kinnear]

Julian Noble: Margaritas always taste better in Mexico.
Danny Wright: Yes they do.
Julian Noble: Margaritas and cock.


Julian Noble: Ughh, sorry about the cock thing, it's kind of a conversation stopper.


Julian Noble: I look like a Bangkok hooker on a Sunday morning, after the navy's left town.


Julian Noble: I wouldn't do that for all the teenage twat in Thailand.


Julian Noble: [after flirting with some Mexican schoolgirls] I hate these Catholic countries. It's all blushy-blushy and no sucky-f*cky.


Ferda said...

a class act that Julian Noble!

Great movie reviews and I concur with your verdicts on each one. I think of all my fave was Pink Panther, is that a dorky admission?

Jen(nnn) said...

I didn't know they ate roosters in Mexico. LOL.

Ferda said...

uhhhh Jen he means... ummm... nevermind... yes Jen Mexicans eat roosters

Jen(nnn) said...

Hahah! ;)

I take it that it's not a PG-13 kind of movie?