Friday, July 21, 2006

PS2 Fixed

About 6 months ago my PS2 crapped out and stopped working altogether. Wouldn't read any cds, games, dvds, and would continually give the 'disc read error' message.

Finally last night I got down to business and opened it up to properly clean it out. First, I got all the dust out it. Then I opened the laser and cleaned it and the lens really well with rubbing alcohol.

It now runs like it was brand new.

Last night I played all my favourite old games: FIFA '03, GTA: San Andreas, We Heart Katamari. Perhaps for Mike & Mel's pool party tomorrow we should bring it and the DDR game. If it's ok with those guys.


AquariusDragon said...

OH YA! DANCE DANCE REV!! My favorite game to watch others play... why? Because I suck at it! Oh well, should make for some good times!

Matt said...

Yay, how hard was it to open?