Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - July 11, 2006

In HOMR, what is Homer's great idea to solve the family's money woes?

A. Move under the sea
B. Rent Marge's womb out to a rich, childless couple
C. Live under the bowling alley
D. Start a Native American casino

Memorable episode quotes:
Homer: :doing impersonations:
[Homer] Hello Marge
[Marge] Hi Homey!
[Homer] Sign this please!
[Marge] You're the boss!
[Child] Daddy! Ask the man for some candy!
[Homer] No no, no candy for you!
[Child] Well at least get some candy for yourself!
[Homer] Hehehe... kids.

Guy: Here's your candy!
Homer: So long, sucker!
Guy: Uuh, sir, your life savings?
Homer: Uuh, yes. I see that it's in bill form. Excellent.

One more
Kent Brockman: Animotion is up an eighth... after plunging seventy five points this morning!
Homer: Oh, I hope plunging means up, and seventy five means two hundred!
Kent Brockman: The firm declared super-dooper bankruptcy, which is terrible news for the company's one stockholder, Homer Simpson.

last one:
Lenny: That's right braniac. You cost us our jobs, which we need for working.
Carl: Not to mention driving to.
Moe: And I was a lot happier before I knew Dame Edna was a man. A lot happier!


AquariusDragon said...

I choose B.

James said...

Good post Ferda.

This is a tough one, my original answer was B, but since Mel chose B, I'll pick:

A - Move under the sea.

one extra quote:

Homer: Come on, Marge. It's uter-US, not uter-YOU!

AquariusDragon said...

LOL! James, that's a hilarious quote!

James said...

maybe Ferda can find the download for it....

Ferda said...

unfortunately I couldn't find it. However other funny quotes from this episode can be found here

Ferda said...


Matt said...

No idea,

I guess C.

I am strangely suspicious that James can pull out quotes from the episode from his head without using google.
(I got told off for using google before)

Ferda said...

sadly he doesn't google the quotes but knows them all by heart and will randomly quote them all the time and drive me batty.

James said...

that is true.

Ferda said...

Correct answer was B. Rent Marge's womb out to a rich, childless couple

Congratulations go out to Mel who is the only person who got it right!