Thursday, July 13, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - July 13, 2006

From Tennis the Menace, fill in the blank on Bart's chalkboard.

A. Incriminating photos of the teacher
B. The cafeteria's Health Code rating
C. Reproductions of my butt
D. The principal's credit report


Memorable quotes from this episode:
Homer: What on earth are you doing?
Lisa: Practicing Tennis!
Homer: That's Tennis? Oh... then what's the one where the chicks wail on each other?
Bart: Foxy Boxing?
Homer: Yes.. that's what I wanted!

One more:
Marge: And it's gonna do wonders for our social life!
Homer: Yeah, it's be nice to entertain friends and have people over.
Ned: Hey, you got a tennis court?
Homer: Keep walking, Flanders.
Ned: Will do...
Homer: Faster!

Last one:
Homer: Good news, honey, I've found a way to prove to the town we're not losers. I've entered us in a doubles tournament.
Marge: What!? But we're not ready to compete!
Homer: Don't worry, the tournament's not 'til tomorrow.


James said...

Oh man, these one's are always tough. Who can remember what was on the chalkboard for like 2 seconds?!?!!?

I'll guess...

B. The cafeteria's Health Code rating

James said...

Oh ya, for your information, I too wanted Foxy Boxing. :-)

Jen said...

My guess is D) The principal's credit report.

Ferda said...

correct answer was D


Jen said...

whoo hoo! i am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Anonymous said...

James wearing a tie: well I never!! Now I know what to give him for his birthday! Jack