Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - July 19, 2006

In A Tale of Two Springfields, according to Lenny, for getting back at people there's nothin' like what?

Sorry no multiple choice today but I know 'chu can due eet!


Memorable episode quotes:
Hi! I'm Phoney McRingRing, mascot and president of the telephone company, and I'm here to explain why the convenience of one area code in Man's Voice: -Your Town-
has been replaced by the convenience of two area codes!
Homer: Uh, I have a question, Phoney!
Lisa: It's a movie, dad!
Homer: Quiet honey, daddy's asking the man a question.

One more:
Kent Brockman: Scientists say they're also less attractive physically, and while we speak in a well-educated manner they tend to use low-brow expressions like "oh yeah?" and "come here a minute!"
Homer: Oh yeah? They think they're better than us, huh? Bart, come here a minute!
Bart: You come here a minute!
Homer: Oh yeah?


James said...


I really like the "oh yeah?" and "come here a minute!" quotes... too funny.

In terms of the answer, oh man, very tough. You should make all of them tough like this with no multiple choice...

but, alas, my guess is:


Matt said...

Can we have a hint??

Ferda said...

ok here are 2 clues for you:

the answer is the same as the name of a KISS album


the answer is the same as the name of a 1971 made-for-television movie.

Ferda said...

also because today's is a toughie you are allowed multiple guesses. Except for James who I've already told the answer to...

Matt said...

Because I fear you might consider, googleing all the Kiss album names and using them as my guesses, cheating... I have nothing

Ferda said...

google away

Matt said...

Can I google... anything for the answer?

Ferda said...

just the kiss discography

Jen said...

There's nothing like revenge.

Matt said...

I guess the following

- Hotter Than Hell
- Dressed To Kill
- Alive!
- Destroyer
- Rock And Roll Over
- Love Gun
- Alive II
- Paul Stanley
- Peter Criss
- Ace Frehley
- Gene Simmons
- Double Platinum
- Dynasty
- Unmasked
- The Elder
- Killers
- Creatures of the Night
- Lick It Up
- Animalize
- Asylum
- Crazy Nights
- Thrashes, Smashes and Hits
- Hot In The Shade
- Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack
- Revenge
- Alive III
- Unplugged
- You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best
- Carnival of Souls
- Greatest Kiss
- Psycho Circus
- Detroit Rock City Soundtrack
- Box Set
- The Very Best of Kiss
- Symphony Alive IV
- Symphony Alive IV Single Disc Edition

Matt said...

I think Jen beat me :~(

Ferda said...

I should have limited the amount of entries to 3 or you know something reasonable!

Yes the correct answer is indeed REVENGE.

Congratulations Jen - you win the privilege to bask in the glory of your win!

James said...

Ughhh, wth...

what was with those hints?

1971 made-for-television movie??? Since when were you around during 1971?!?!? Huh?

Matt said...

Yay, I win too

Ferda said...

you can't self-proclaim!

Jen said...

As I accept the award for Simpsons Trivia July 19, 2006... I would like to thank

1) My parents for bringing me into this world
2) My friends for all their support
3) Rogers digital cable for always having the Simpsons on throughout the day, even timeshifted!

and lastly, but not leastly,

4) Ferda for not ratting me out for cheating by asking Mike what the answer was!


Ferda said...

omg what a beautiful speech! I need some kleenex