Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As I mentioned before, we picked up a Nintendo DS and a few games for it, especially Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS, and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Each of these three games are compatible with the Nintendo WiFi Connection which allows us to play other players from anywhere in the world providing they have acces to wireless internet.

At first, we weren't able to connect to the Nintendo WFC since we don't have the internet (or a computer!) at home. However, I've discovered that one of my neighbours has his WiFi router on and completely open and unlocked 24/7. He hasn't even changed SSID's name from "default".

So for the last few nights we've been connecting online and playing MarioKart and Tetris against random players, most of whom kick our ass. I think in MarioKart I've got one win, and in Tetris about 15-20 wins. That's a drop in the bucket compared to some of these guys with upwards of 1200 wins.

Back to the point - here's my question: are we wrong to be using this guys internet connection? Or is it fair game since he's left himself wide open for anyone to piggyback his internet?


Palmer said...

I am firm believer in 'sharing the internet', so I don't believe it's stealing if you're using his connection.

Now...this is all relative. If you go ahead and pick yourself up a wireless network card for a computer and start surfing the net, downloading movies, taking up his bandwidth...alright, you're pushing it.

But playing games over your DS? Meh, who cares?

You should go live in Matt's neighbourhood. He was setting up a public wireless Internet spot.

I would gladly share my Internet with others if I knew that they wouldn't take it one step further and try and hack into my computer (which I don't know how to do, but I'm sure it's possible...)

Palmer said...

As for the person being punished by leaving his connection 'wide open', what if it was some old Grandma that just doesn't know any better other than the fact taht she wants to use her laptop in her backyard. You shouldn't take advantage of that!

All this to say, if you went all the way and stole their internet connection outright and hooked up your computer to it...I wouldn't disown you. heck, I woudln't even talk about you behind your back. At least you're not like Holly who stole a lightbulb from Ikea.

Ferda said...

Holly did what??? That is inexcusible!! :P

I'm with Ryan I don't think what you're doing is stealing esp. since it gets me to kick some tetris ass across the world - or vice versa *sniffle*

Jen said...

I agree with your friend Palmer. If you aren't sucking up a lot of bandwidth, I don't see any harm in borrowing their internet.

But, if you feel really guilty about it, you can always go over there and offer to give them some money for it. It would save them some of the cost and everyone wins. I don't know why more neighbours don't split Wi-Fi costs this way... seems to be a good deal all around.

James said...

sharing internet wifi costs?

jen, you have a good idea there.

I'm not going to offer my neighbour any money, heck, I don't even know which neighbour it is. But I won't go setting up a computer with a wireless card either. I don't think the DS uses a lot of bandwith, so s/he probably doesn't even notice.

Ferda said...

no, I would never pay for it because it only works if you're upstairs with your back glued against the bedroom wall and you're holding the DS at a 40 degree angle.

Jen said...

LOL! If you can still kick tetris ass when you're upstairs with your back glued against the bedroom wall and you're holding the DS at a 40 degree angle, then I'm truly impressed.

James said...


Matt said...

Ya, I don't really think of that as stealing.

The person with the internet still has everything they had before, nothing has really changed for them.

If their router is setup as default, you can pretty much bet that their internet usage is minimal at best.

I finally got rogers internet at home, and can proceed with my internet sharing scheme. YAY.

All I need now is time and determinatation and self training to finish it.

Kevin said...

Palmer said it best.

Playing Mariokart or Tetris is not going to impede Joe Neighbour's ability to use the Internet. If you started downloading movie's? then it becomes a little sketchy..

Now, that's not to say I don't surf the web from hotel rooms in TO, because their are TONS of open spots. And Grandma doesn't live in a condo near any of these hotels :P

James said...

Thanks for everyone's input - seems the concensus is that it's ok and we won't be going to Microsoft Hell.

See you later, I'm heading home now to kick some tetris ass.

warrenyeung said...

i'm going to disagree with everyone here (yes!). i will assume that you are not hurting anyone and that you're not depriving this person of anything, but you still shouldn't use his property without permission. How would you feel if someone was accessing and using your property without your permission? and if you have no problem with it, can i have a key to your house and a schedule for when you won't be home? i promise to leave everything as it is, and you won't ever have known i was there.

mr_jeff said...

i see no harm in it.. juls and i stole internet access from our neighbours for the first couple months. we later subscribed to our own internet, but we later met and talked with the neighbour we stole from. he said it was an open connection for a reason. if you know how to set up a wifi connection, you also know how to make it secure.

Ferda said...

warren always has to be the thorn on someone's side... typical

James said...

WTG Warren, you are such a lawyer. But you certainly have a point about using other's property without permission. GOD KNOWS I wouldn't leave you alone in my houes. :-)