Friday, August 25, 2006

All good things must come to an end

So back in July, I posted about how we were able to 'borrow' our neighbour's WiFi connection and play online with the DS in various games like MarioKart and Tetris. However, when I tried to connect last night after I got home from work, the DS couldn't find a signal. Turns out he/she must have figured out that we were piggy-backing their service for free and got wise and locked up the router with an encrypted WEP. The SSID has been changed now to 'Wonders of Wireless' - I don't understand that, but anyway. If the tables were reversed, I would have given it a cooler name like 'Don't steal my Wireless, BIATCH!' or 'BUSTED!'.


I am disappointed, but I suppose I don't really have the right to be. Mostly because I did have fun playing online with the DS while it lasted. Perhaps we'll have to revisit the discussion of the Pimpson's actually getting a home computer and internet connection of our own.


Palmer said...

Can you borrow a computer from work? That would be a cool idea.

Kevin said...

Sadly enough, I was thinking about your computer situation last night. Thinking to myself... it's amazing that they actually can get by without a home computer/Internet.

I have to say it's pretty impressive you've lasted this long!

For now though, just get a Mac. You'll be happy you did :)

James said...

I would love a Mac. Would be very cool. In fact, I pushed for one before, then it fell through.

Now that I think about it, a lot of my ideas fall through. I must be lacking in the commitment department....