Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Civic Holiday 2006 Review

Tuesday morning, back to work. Yee haw. Pretty good weekend in fact. I tell ya, like all Canadians, I love my long weekends. Friday after work, Ferda and I played with Holly's ultimate team. Holly was out of town for a wedding for the weekend, and her team was short on players. Our normal Gullwings team didn't have a game that night due to an odd number of teams in the league - so it worked out well. Ferda and I had a lot of fun playing with that team. Got the win no problem.

Saturday was Larisa's bday party out in Stittsville. We all played some baseball for a while, which was a helluva lot of fun. I loved it. Clearly not done enough. After baseball, swimming and bbq food followed.

Sunday drove out to the cottage and met my dad. Saw the shed which cost my dad mobility in his right, middle finger. Looks pretty good. The shed, that is. The finger still looks pretty gnarly. Just took it easy out there, walked around, tossed the ball for bit, ate.

Monday - cut the grass, cleaned bathrooms, played DS. Later that night we had ultimate, got the win. Was a good game for me, had quite a few solid D's, and ran lots. It was iron-man; no subs. After the game, ate some pad thai that Ferda had made earlier and watched tv.

Forecast for this week: more ultimate. In fact, Ferda's playing EVERY night this week. For me, every night but Thursday.