Monday, August 28, 2006

Congratulations Jen & Mike!

I hope Jen won't mind that I snaked this breathtaking photo off her photographer's site but she's off on her honeymoon so she'll be none the wiser till she gets back from Mexico - then I'm in trouble!. I wish we could have been there to give our love and support to the stunning couple in person but we just couldn't swing it. I just want to give my heartfelt congratulations and wish a lifetime of happiness to Jen & Mike! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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Jen said...

Ah ha! You are busted!

Thanks so much for thinking of us. I was very excited to get your card with all the sparkly writing. (I'm guessing that was more Ferda's than James' doing. James, you don't seem like a sparkly pen kind of guy... but what do I know?) You guys are the best! We are sorry you couldn't make the wedding. Hopefully soon we will have more photos to share so you can feel like you were there with us. :)