Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Highly Anticipated Weekend Review of August 19-20th

Back by popular demand. Faster than a turtle, able to leap small puddles in a single bound, ya ya, let's get into it.

Friday: Scheduled quarter-final playoff game for Gullwings ultimate team. We were set to kick some names and take some ass. However, the other team wasn't. Only two of their players showed up to the field. So we won by default. I was happy to get the win, but pissed that the other team couldn't have let us know beforehand that they couldn't field a team. That was some high class jack ass-ery, IMO. So our team practiced some drills and endzone plays in preparation for Saturday's finals. When we were done, Ferda and I headed home.

Saturday: I made a nice, big breakfast for Ferda which consisted of scrambled eggs, OJ, toast, sausage, and McD-style potato patties. Aww yeah. Chilled at home for the morning until noon-ish when we headed to the ultimate parks for our games. First up, Ferda's all girls team had two games. These were during the middle of the day when it was the hottest, and a lot of the girls were coming off to the sidelines with heat stroke. I tried to act like a good husband and fetched water and gatorade for her team. And for all my hard work, I earned the nickname DiscoBitch (their team name is Discolicious). After two long, hard-fought, back-to-back games, they came out on top and won both. The prize: free beer.

As soon as Ferda's second game was over, the Gullwing's games were about to start. I laced up and Ferda prepared herself for another round of tough competition. After a perfect, undefeated season, our hopes were high that we could win the championship. The first game (semi-final) was tough and dirty, but we came out on top.

That placed us against Steak Sauce for the first time in the final. We both know a few players from Steak Sauce, Kevin, Ryan - coworker, and Rick - former teammate from Blades of Grass (another team of mine). As usual, tons of smack was talked prior to the first pull, however, both teams decided we would work hard to keep the game clean, seeing as we all had had a dirty match beforehand. Steak Sauce took and early lead and surprised the crap out of us. We rallied hard and came back to even the score. After trading points for a while, and the clock ticking down, Steak Sauce pulled ahead by a couple and smashed what hopes the Gullwings had of repeating our championship win from the year before. Congrats to them are well deserved. (You can read Kev's take on the game here.)

Ferda, after playing 4 straight games, was dead. And my fat ass, after only playing 2, was just as sore. So we headed home with our heads hanging low and cleaned up. We dined on a spaghetti dinner that Ferda had placed in the crock-pot earlier that morning. It was frickin' fan-tastic. Later that night, we both passed out around 10pm.

Sunday: Playoffs were planned for this day for our other team, Blades of Grass. However, due to large amounts of rain which had fallen the night before, games were cancelled. Sad as it was, we were actually kind of happy to get the rest our bodies so dearly needed. We managed a small trip to the grocery store, then chill-axed for the rest of the day.

Monday: Back to ultimate (can you see some kind of a pattern here?). Our Monday team, Huck'n Hores, now gearing up for it's playoffs this coming weekend, had our quarter-final matchup. We took it to the other team quite solidly and walked away with the win. For those keeping track, playoffs for Huck'n Hores are coming up this Sunday.

Tuesday: Met up with Alex and Dan, and the 3 of us went wakeboarding on the Rideau after work. Since the sun is now setting pretty early, we only got a couple hours in. Regardless, it was a great time. After a couple spills, both Alex and I conquered a new move, the surface 180. While Dan, a beginner, was able to get up on his 3rd try and did great. Awesome times. Thanks Alex.

Forecast for the rest of the week: Tonight (Wednesday) - subbing with Jousting Disco Camels (yes, MORE ultimate). I'm also subbing with them on Saturday for their playoffs. Obviously, what little weekend plans we have are dominated by ultimate. This is pretty much the last week for summer ultimate, so I'm happy to get as much in as possible. God knows the winter will be long and cold.


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awesome! sounds like a blast :-)

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you made me the big breakfast on sunday not saturday!

official super_ap fact checker :P

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I'm surprised your legs haven't fallen off yet.