Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Return of the BestMan

Aww yeah. Good news, everyone (I say this to all my imaginary readers). Jordan has planned a trip out East (from his home in Vancouver). He arrives on the Saturday morning (Sept 2nd) of the Labour Day Weekend. Kick.Ass.

Upcoming plans to include: visit to cottage, tour of downtown, possible pub night, and pretty much whatever. He's here in Ottawa til Wednesday the 9th when he heads up to Quebec City for a young NDP convention or something.

Unbelievable how soon this really is. This month of August has really flown by. Not much has really happened with the exception of ultimate, but whatever. I suppose a weekend review of August 19/20th is in order, especially since some anonymous person has asked for it - stayed tuned for that.

Oh yeah, Jordan and I look smokin' hot in that pic, eh?!?


Ferda said...

yowza you guys look gorgeous!!!

Palmer said...

He's as beautiful as a young NDPer can be.

James said...