Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Weekend Review: Aug 26 -27

So here's the scoop, not as interesting as Palmer's weekend, no weddings or babies. Actually, we were invited to a wedding but we were unable to attend.

So Friday night we had a practice for our new fall ultimate team, Tragically Flick. This is basically a spin off of Holly's summer team with a few new additions to the team: Me, Ferda, Alex, and Warren. Looks like it should be a fun couple of months for fall ultimate with this team.

Saturday morning brought us back down to UPI for some more ultimate playoffs. Ferda and I were both subbing with Jousting Disco Camels for the two games of the day. When we got there, we realized that we were in for a treat, they were very short on players: only 4 guys and 4 girls (ultimate is played with a ratio of 4 guys: 3 girls). So this meant a lot of running for us both. Sadly, both games were lost, but we still had fun and tried our hardest.

After the games, I met up with Holly, Alex, and Jay for some wakeboarding along the Rideau. Wicked times. I'm really loving the wakeboarding. This time I tried some new things, like loading the rope, which increases your speed as you cut back towards the wake, making for a bit of a pop up so you can get some air. I had some good jumps, and some even better wipe-outs.

Saturday night I was completely exhausted.

Sunday morning we got up, I made breakfast while Ferda watched Coronation Street. Around noon we headed again down to UPI for more ultimate playoffs. This time two games with our Monday team, Huckin Hores. We fought really hard and won both games, making us Monday Tier 5 champions. Later that night we went to Holly's and Alex's for dinner, she made lasanga and caesar salad and garlic bread. It was a GREAT dinner, thanks Holly.


Kevin said...

Congrats on the Ultimate win! Feels good to be a champion, doesn't it?


Ferda said...

you smug jurk! :)

It was an awesome weekend. Thanks for dinner again Holly it was a-ma-za-zing!

James said...


Anonymous said...

Fancy Ferda being a Coronation Street fan! You must talk to June - if she misses an episode that ruins her week! Jack