Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fall Returns to Ottawa

Wow - really haven't written much here lately - not sure why - but luckily Ferda has been providing us with our daily dose of Simpson's Trivia.

Last night was our first ultimate game for the Fall season. I don't think I've played in the Fall league now for a couple years, and I think I have remember why. Man o man, it was cold. And it's only September 21st!!!

Fortunately, Fall only runs until the end of October, but unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised to see snow flying around then. We've joined two outdoor teams, and one indoor team here at HBH. Regardless when or where we play, I'm happy to be getting exercise. Also happy that I am able to improve my game a little - every bit helps.


Ferda said...

oh AND we won last night!

Holly said...

AH YEAH! We kick butt!