Monday, September 18, 2006

Spirit Tournament recap by Darryl

Foxy Boxing,

Let me say a few words while I still have the energy to type (actually I'm kidding, I'm getting Lauren to write all this while I muffle words into my pillow, half asleep.)

The tournament was absolutely awesome. AWESOME! I had so much fun, and I think it's safe to say that so did everyone else! There was so much spirit I don'tthink it all washed off in the shower. The layers of dirt did, but not the spirit!

The crew we had was simply too much - smurfette, legs, and so much more! I will no doubt extend any & all invitations to future games out to this team first whentournaments arise, as I cannot think of a better group of 11 to share to field with.

Here are a little fast facts...
We played through a little more then 6hrs of ACTUAL ultimate, not including the break(s) and lunch we had. Essentially, we were there for a solid 8hrs or more!

During the 5 games we played, we rifled though 102pts (all games combined) and although only 36pts were actually ours, that's still a friggin' HUGE load of points in 1 day!

Based on a recent OCUA thread I read, we all pretty much covered AT LEAST 12k min. sheer running today. However, since we all doubled up on shifts every 3-4 turns,that puts the number even higher, so I could say 14-15km per player was done easily!

We finished ranked 9th in the intermediate division, of 12 pretty tough teams!

I know everyone's bed is going to look nice tonight, and for those who have to work or attend something important tomorrow, I applaud your "trooperness". Aside from Lauren who will likely run a marathon because she's bored, the rest of us will be taking a much needed day to rest, relax, recover, and watch some NFL FOOTBALL...or not.

Again, I just wanted to thank everyone for making today one of the BEST days I've had in a long time, and pretty much the best ultimate experience to date! YOU ROCK!!!

"You're all aces in my book." -Sol (Ocean's 12)



Ferda said...

that's a lazy man's post if I ever saw one!

James said...

haha. look how's talking.