Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Review: Sept 23-24

Haven't had the desire to blog much lately. Is this a bad sign? Is the beginning of the end?

Who knows...

Friday: After work we went over to the Glebe and walked around for a bit. Got a coffee from Starbucks, picked up some street meat and poutine from a corner fry-shop vendor, then walked to the canal and sat by the water and ate our 'dinner'. It was a mega grease attack but it was still pretty damn tasty. At 7:30 we met up with Holly and Alex at the MayFair to catch a double feature: Scoop followed by Lady in the Water. Both movies were pretty good. Perhaps Ferda can do movie reviews later. I know she really like the Scoop, while I really like the M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong movie. After a long week of work and ultimate, and 3 plus hours of movies, we were done for the night and headed home.

Saturday: Indoor ultimate at HBH. We arrived early and did some weight training at the gym first. Apparently Ferda really liked it, I'm hoping its a trend that will continue. We won the game quite easily, we have a pretty solid team: a lot of the same people from our Spirit Team. After the game we stopped by Jen's place for a visit - thanks for all the tasty food Jen! Later that night JamesMo came by and we played some nintendo, til like 2am.

Sunday: Watched the usual 2 hours of Corrie Street, then practically fell back asleep until it was time for more ultimate. Ferda had volunteered to sub for some random team, and I came along to watch. When we got there, it turned out that the other team was short guys, so I volunteered to play for them. So it the first game ever of Pimpson vs Pimpson. It was a lot of fun, and Ferda's team ended up with the win. That day was nuts though, SO windy, I think only a handful of points were scored by timecap.


Anonymous said...

I know I lost my desire... but you can't lose yours!!! Your blog affects too many good people! Don't let them all down!!!

AquariusDragon said...

I want to see Lady in the Water... I have a rip off version but it's all dark and you can't really see anything. All you can hear is screaming and water splashing.... Christa came over to watch it with me but we ended up watching the Omen instead.