Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here are the super_ap's Halloween pics.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Blogging

I just have a few things I want to share. Pretty decent weekend. Watched a lot of recorded tv from the media center. Finished 24: Day 5. Pretty good season as Warren had predicted.

The sixth season begins on Sunday, January 14th, 2007, so set your VCRs and PVRs. Here's a little trailer for it also.

We started up on Lost Season 2 as well. So far pretty good. Very confusing. But I like it.

Had a good time at Duncan's Halloween Party. I'm sure pics will follow.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Office Time Waster - October 27th

This is a collection of flash games, really smart and intuitive. Definintely worth taking a look. The developer really put a lot of time and effort into these, with crisp graphics and nice sounds: Orisinal by Ferry Halim


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - October 26, 2006

In "Children of a Lesser Clod", what does Grampa Abe call the Springfield Retirement Castle employee named Craig?

A. Flim Flam
B. Long Duck
C. Ping Pong
D. Ding Dong


Memorable quotes from episode:
Lougash: I'm sorry little girl, Lougash must go next door to anger management class.... worthless... ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS! I HATE IT SO MUCH! I... SPIT ON IT!

another one:
Dr. Hibbert: It will take plenty of time in Rehab before you can go back to work.
Homer: Miss work? But my life would be nothing without the Nucleon Plant.

and another:
Rod: Uncle Homer, will you sing us that crazy song we love?
Homer: Hehe, Okay :singing: Is that all there isssssss, Is that all there issss? If that's all there is my friend, then let's keep danciiiiing.

last but not least:
Homer: If you're happy and you know it say a swear!
Nelson: Boobs!
Milhouse: Hiney!
Ralph: Mitten!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Good news everyone!

You may remember me telling you about Chills for Cheo last year, and that it was a scary good time. Well, it's back on againg this year. And I definitely recommend you check it out.

Directions and info can all be found on this site, and remember, it's for a good cause!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - October 24, 2006

In "A Star is Born-Again", according to Rainier Wolfcastle, why can't he cry?

A. Only girlie men cry
B. His heart is as hard as Balkan basalt
C. Tears can't break through his muscular tear ducts
D. Once he starts crying, he cannot stop


Memorable episode quotes:
Ned: This is quite a dill-diddly-emma. Better talk this over with the big man.. Homer. Sara wants us to have s e x!
Homer: Stupid Flanders, I'm not giving you any of my secret moves.

another one:
Ned: Why would that twinkie want to go out with a ding-dong like me?
Homer: Flanders, I mix twinkie's and ding-dong's all the time. In Europe, they call it a Dinkie!

one more from proud pop Flanders. Love him!
Ned: Rod says marco, and darnit if Todd doesn't say polo right back!

Saturday Review; aka: the Butt Kicker

[first things first: I am not bragging here, just sharing. Ok, maybe slightly bragging...]

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ferda and I were forced to be in two different places at the same time. This is more difficult that one would originally think since we only own one car. And due to my strong belief that public transportation is for losers, I was required to take my bike to my ultimate game Saturday afternoon.

Ferda had left early in the morning for an all-day-long commitment, and I wasn't expecting her back til later that afternoon. My game was a HBH at 3pm. So I got on my bike and pedalled my brains out. It took about 45-50 minutes each way, and this morning I used Google Earth's measure feature to determine that it's 13.7 kms each way.

Now, this is a fact that I'm quite proud of really, but I don't own any 'biking' clothes; like no tight bike shorts or whatever. So I didn't really know what to wear, but I wanted to dress warm since it was frickin cold out there. So I ended up wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. What I didn't realize until I got out there was that it was very windy. And my baggy sweat pants and shirt acted like a giant sail making it three times as hard as normal to get anywhere.

Anyway, when I finally made it to HBH, I played the full game, no subs, and kicked some serious ass. Our team came out with a huge win - it was very nice. Then I jumped back on the bike and headed home.

So after biking more than 27 kms and running for an hour straight in the middle of it all, I was quite dead for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. In fact, my legs are still hurting quite a bit today. So to close, I am naming that work-out routine: the Butt Kicker.

[And Alex, don't you dare say 'I told you the one-car-thing wouldn't work out'.]

Monday, October 23, 2006


The other week when it started to get colder, and the seasons were clearly changing from Summer to Fall, I did my outdoor house chores in order to get the house ready for winter. Like shutting off the outdoor taps, changing the humidity levels on the furnace, and placing the cover/tarp/thing on the air conditioner.

It's a smart idea, the cover that is, because it protects the unit (ha, I said unit) from damage from the elements, and it keeps the cold air from entering our house.

So anyway, I went out there the other day for something, and I noticed that the A/C cover was gone! WTF?! Who would steal that? It cost like $14.99, come on people!

It made us both pretty mad. I guess we'll have to buy another one soon. And this time I will take a sharpie and write our address on it. But I think in the meantime, I will start going on 'midnight walks' to try and see if any of my neighbours have an A/C cover that looks suspiciously like ours used to.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Office Time Waster

Wait, scrap that. Why do I need to waste time when I'm not working in the first place?

I don't think an ounce of work is being done in my office this morning. As of right now, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here using their keyboard. And obviously, it's not work related.

Attribute it to Friday, or that winter is coming, or whatever. But no matter how you slice it, productivity at HBH is down.

Ah, screw it, here's your time waster: It's called Tiny Grow (click the little bird). I don't know the point of this game, but the bright colours and fast movements keep my attention. While you're there, you might as well check out the second one, it's even crazier.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Laying the Smack Down, Old school

Some of you may not have known this about me, but I'm going to level with you all for the sake of honesty:

I used to watch WWE. That's right, fake wrestling.

So anyway, haven't watched it for a while. A long time, in fact. But somehow, while Jmo and Heather were over last night, we started watching it for a bit. It was ok, not that interesting, but it remained on the tv, even after they left.

And that's when it got interesting...

So this no-name guy, Johnny Nitro, comes out and says he has a surprise guest for the audience, a huge celebrity, he says. So guess who comes out? I bet you didn't see this coming...

Kevin Federline.

The collective jaws of Ferda, myself, and dare I say, the world, hit the floor. K-Fed on wrestling!? No way! So he grabs the mic from Johnny Nitro and starts talking smack to the crowd. Calling 'em jerks, and losers, and third-rate citizens. You know, the usual 'bad-guy' routine. Of course, the crowd is buying it: they're booing, and they're shouting, and frantically scribbling signs that claim a possible third pregancy for Britney Spears.

But after K-Fed refuses to rap for the crowd, telling them to wait for his October 31st CD release, the music for John Cena starts and the WWE Champ enters the ring. He says that since K-Fed is such a bum, and won't rap, that John Cena himself will have to return to his old Thug-a-nomic roots and spin off a quick rap. Hilarity follows as he quickly burns Federline, and sets up some clever inuendos regarding Mrs. Spears and The Marine.

Anyway, point is: it was awesome. AND... the most important part:

Ferda watched wrestling and she enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

OK Computer: Part Deux

So as you all now know, the Pimpson's have their new pc at home. And still pretty happy with it. And as of today, we have internet at home! Good times indeed.

I hooked up the old wireless router that Ferda and her sister used to share, and got online with the DS. To be honest, I haven't used that for a while. But now that I can access the Nintendo WFC, I think I'll be going on a lot more. Perhaps Jmo and I (and perhaps Artoo?) will have to have a MarioKart competition of some kind. Or StarFox Command, I'm easy as to which game. However, I bet I'll get my butt handed to me in StarFox. Whichever, let me know when you are game. And that goes for anyone else out there who would like to challenge me (or Jmo or Artoo) on some DS games. Post your friend codes in the comments.

So back to the computer - finally got the correct cable to connect the tv with the video card of the pc. The original s-video cable I got didn't work - it was stupid really, the plug at the end was too large and it wouldn't connect to the video card completely, it was like you couldn't push it all the way in. I took it back to walmart and got my $$ back and got a different one from radio shack/source by circuit city. Works perfect! Now the media center plays directly to the tv, like I said before, all media goodies like tv, dvds, movies, mp3, photos, etc.

Plans for the rest of the weekend include dinner with Alex and Holly tonight, (I have my fingers crossed for some more holly-isms). Tomorrow, trip to costco, and some quality maxin' and relaxin'.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Awww yea! My co-worker Shannon and I came across the gorgeous ride at the Pizza Hut parking lot. I wonder how antlers would go on my Honda Acord...


Seems like just the other day I was saying how nice the weather was: warm and sunny, perfect for the Simpson family to be sitting on the patio at the cottage.

Well, that's over.

This morning we woke to frost on the ground, rooftops, and car windows. BRRRR... very not cool.

Playing ultimate last night was crazy! I think the official temp was down to 1 degree!

Bundle up and have a pleasant weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It will only get worse from here

So this morning it took us 1 hour to get to work. Whereas it usually takes us 20-25 mins. Burn.On.Us.

The only reason I can see why it took so long: rain.

Just imagine what will happen when 20 cm's of snow falls overnight: Crap.

So here is what I have to say to those considering the move Barrhaven: DON'T.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Holy Wicked Weekend Weather, Batman

What a fantastic weekend, weather-wise and non-weather-wise, indeed.

I couldn't believe how warm and sunny it was on Sunday when we went up to the cottage to meet the rest of the Simpsons and Barbers for thanksgiving dinner. It made for a great day, being able to sit outside on the patio in the sun. Incredible.

The food was pretty darn good too.

The rest of the weekend we just took it easy. Pinar hung out with us for a while. We watched a couple movies too, nothing worthwhile mentioning though.

Simpsons Trivia - October 10, 2006

True or False - in Blame it on Lisa, according to Marge's brochure, you can get to anywhere in Rio de Janeiro by taking a conga line.


Memorable episode quotes:
Homer: Wait wait wait, so in August it's cold?
Lisa: That's right.
Homer: And in February, it's hot?
Lisa: Mmhmm.
Homer: So it's opposite land! Crooks chase cops, cats have puppies!
Lisa: No, dad, it's just the weather.
Homer: So hot snow falls up?
Lisa: :sighs: Yees.

another one:
Captain: This is your captain speaking. The local temperature in Rio De Janero is hot hot hot! With 100% chance of passion!
Man: You make that joke every time!
Captain: It was that joke that made you fall in love with me!

one more:
Homer: :singing: Take me to the ho-tel, my hands are on a guys-ass! Boy this dude must work-out!

Policeman: So you want me to find your husband.
Marge: Yes.
Policeman: And you also want me to find a little boy.
Marge: That's right.
Policeman: I don't think there is a boy or a husband, I think you have a thing for me.
Man: Aaarghh. I've been shot!
Policeman: I'm flattered but I do not swing that way.

Friday, October 06, 2006

OK Computer

A couple days have passed now since our new pc arrived from Dell. We're both still extremely happy and excited. Warren burned us a dvd of the first couple episodes of the Office that we missed because of thursday ultimate.

Watching those two episodes last night on the 19" flatscreen was a pure delight. So crisp and perfect. And yesterday morning before we left for work, I set the computer up to record last night's episode since we wouldn't be home due to thursday ultimate again. It records the shows you want it to directly to the hardrive so you can watch them anytime. And with about 200 gb to spare, that's about 120 hours of high quality tv recording if we need it. Mind you, I'd be surprised to see that much used, since, once you are done watching the show you can delete from the hardrive. Or better yet, burn it to a dvd to free up space.

Haven't got to really push the limits of the video card yet. JMo should be loaning me some of his older computer games that he doesn't really play anymore, like Battlefield and HalfLife. So I expect I'll be able to see how it handles games over this Turkey Weekend.

As well, tonight I actually don't have ultimate, so I think I can make it out to radio shack (or it's equivalent) and pick up a few stereo cables I need to complete the install with my tv and surround speakers. Then the computer can broadcast the shows/dvds directly to the tv and surround speakers so you can enjoy it all from the couch. HEY! Did I mention there's a sweet remote control that operates the computer? The remote lets you access all the digital goodness stored in our computer from the comfort of the couch: like recorded tv, videos, photos, mp3's, you can even use msn messenger from the couch with the remote. How lazy is that?!

So as you can tell, I'm very excited about our recent move into computer ownership. Eventually, we'll have the internet at home as well: we've been told they'll come install it next weekend, the 14th.

That's about all I've got to say, except for Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - October 5, 2006

In The Sweetest Apu, Manjula, Apu's wife, tells her divorce lawyer that he reminds her of who?

A. The monkey man who slaughtered her family's chickens
B. People who drown kittens
C. Asura, the power-hungry Hindu god
D. The "before" man on a heartburn commercial


Memorable episode quotes:
Apu: Welcome, steady customer. I see you are ready for the civil war re-enactment.
Homer: I need some supplies. I keg of beer, and a six pack to hold me till I tap the keg.
Apu: Here you go.
Homer: Thanks. Are you sure you don't want to come? In a civil war re-enactment we need lots of Indians to shoot.
Apu: I don't know what part of that sentence to correct first, but I cannot come.

another one:
Seymour: Tanks? Oh this is just too inaccurate.
Frink: Ah, well then, you're definitely not going to like my steam powered super spider, with the stepping, and the squishing, and the webs made with nylon.

one more:
Manjula: Oh, Apu, you keep scoring while my back is turned. Are you sure you're not cheating.
Apu: Now Manjula, do you want me to find another partner?
Marge: No, no! No no lets just keep playing. What's the score?
Homer: Thirty-Love, I mean, Thirty-Love, I mean, anyone for penis? Oh! I'll just get the shuttle cock.

New Computer, New Soup

Our new computer arrived from Dell yesterday, and we set it up after we got home from work. We're both pretty excited about it. Only really got to play around a bit with it before we had to leave for our ultimate game.

Luckily, the game was in Barrhaven. Un-luckily, the weather was not cooperating at all. It was very windy and very cold. Those facts made it a low scoring game, since it was so hard to actually complete 2 passes in a row, let alone get the disc in scoring position. Regardless, we came out on top by a couple points.

After the game, Holly, Alex, Ferda and I went to a new Pho restaurant that has popped up near our neighbourhood. It was pretty tasty. Definately worth a trip back there. And the warm, yummy soup was a great idea to try and return movement to our frozen extremities. Of course, Holly was 'on' the whole time, so make sure you check out the I Heart Hollyisms site later today.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There's someone on the phone for you!

Just got this as a forward from Mel and thought I'd share. I've already ordered one for James and Alex :P

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - October 3, 2006

In The Frying Game, why does Moe cover his ears and sing, "I've been working on the railroad"?

A. He doesn't want his cauliflower ears to attract attention while he's singing
B. To shut out the voices that tell him to kill
C. To block out the commercial jingles that are stuck in his head
D. He dreams of working on the railroad all the livelong day


Memorable episode quotes:
Homer: I crushed that horrible bug, what shall I do!?
Evil Homer: Bury it, quickly, before anyone finds out.
Good Homer: Oooh, I'm gonna tell!
Homer: The hell you will!

another one:
Homer: Please don't kill me, I wont tell anyone about the skeleton, and I can bring you more victims. Like Lenny! He go great with wild rice!

one more:
Homer: I'd kill for a beer..
Moe: Right away, sir, I don't want no trouble.
Homer: Hmmm.. I'd stab somebody for a pickle. Give me some peanuts.
Moe: Uh uh uh, you didn't say you'd kill me.
Homer: :sigh: I'll kill you if you don't give me some peanuts.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Last Weekend Review of September 06

First things first: WOW. The month of September really flew by quickly. I can't believe it's already October. In fact, a lot of the months have started to fly by quickly now. Perhaps that's a sign of getting older: when months and years start flying by. I'm lucky to be happily married to my beautiful wife for 429 days now - seems like the wedding was only a couple weeks ago. Weird.

Friday: We were both pretty wiped from the long week of work and ultimate, so we didn't do that much that night. We did drop by Staples to pick up a computer desk for the new computer we are getting. Oh, that's right. The Pimpson's have finally bought a computer. With luck, it should arrive this Thursday - we ordered online from Dell.ca. We didn't put the desk together that night, since a giant, ugly, pink couch was in the way of where we wanted it to go. Also that night, Ferda made a huge batch of pumpkin squares for her girls night at Mels.

Saturday: Made a huge pot of chili, played ultimate at HBH, then got ready for poker night. Got some ice for drinks, got Ferda to show me how to make her 4-cheese dip, and I was set. Good times were had, I think, Dave won the pot, $60, Jmo got second and got to keep his original $10. Thanks for everyone coming by, hope you had fun.

Sunday: Started putting the computer desk together and got about halfway when we realized it was flawed. One of the legs was longer than the other. We called Staples, arranged to take it back later that afternoon. Played ultimate at Lynda Lane, got completely SOAKED. I really can't believe that games were on that day after it rained the whole night beforehand. When we got there, the was so much standing water there were actually ducks swimming in it. No joke. Regardless, we played and got soaked and muddy. Returned home, cleaned up, and got a new desk from Staples. We also picked up a couple of movies from Rogers, who, by the way, no longer has late fees, so that's good news. We rented Waiting... and Lucky Number Slevin. We watched Waiting while putting the desk together. Pretty funny, yet pretty gross. Ended the night with the usual Sunday night watching of the Simpson's and Family Guy.

Monday Morning [bad] Humour

A man is waiting for his wife to give birth. The doctor comes in and informs the dad that his son was born without a torso, arms or legs. The son is just a head! But the dad loves his son and raises him as well as he can, with love and compassion.

After 21 years, the son is now old enough for his first drink. Dad takes him to the bar, tearfully tells the son he is proud of him and orders up the biggest, strongest drink for his boy. With all the bar patrons looking on curiously and the bartender shaking his head in disbelief, the boy takes his first sip of alcohol. Whooosh! A torso pops out!

The bar is dead silent; then bursts into a whoop of joy. The father, shocked, begs his son to drink again. The patrons chant "Take another drink"! The bartender still shakes his head in dismay. Whooosh! Two arms pops out!

The bar goes wild. The father, crying and wailing, begs his son to drink again. The patrons chant "Take another drink"! The bartender ignores the whole affair. By now the boy is getting tipsy, and with his new hands he reaches down, grabs his drink and guzzles the last of it. Whooosh! Two legs pop out!

The bar is in chaos. The father falls to his knees, tearfully giving thanks!! The boy stands up on his new legs and stumbles to the left....then to the right... then ight through the front door, into the street, where a truck runs over him and kills him instantly. The bar falls silent. The father moans in grief. The bartender sighs and says...

"He should have quit while he was a head!"

Question of the day

Here's a simple one, yet still quite confusing.

Why does Tide make so many different kinds of laundry detergent?

We were at Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a jug of the stuff cuz we were out of it or something, and they had like 14 different kinds: one with snuggle mixed in, one with the freshness of febreeze in it, another that was 'canadas favourite', and still others with mountain fresh scent and wild rain or whatever. Is this really necessary?