Monday, October 23, 2006


The other week when it started to get colder, and the seasons were clearly changing from Summer to Fall, I did my outdoor house chores in order to get the house ready for winter. Like shutting off the outdoor taps, changing the humidity levels on the furnace, and placing the cover/tarp/thing on the air conditioner.

It's a smart idea, the cover that is, because it protects the unit (ha, I said unit) from damage from the elements, and it keeps the cold air from entering our house.

So anyway, I went out there the other day for something, and I noticed that the A/C cover was gone! WTF?! Who would steal that? It cost like $14.99, come on people!

It made us both pretty mad. I guess we'll have to buy another one soon. And this time I will take a sharpie and write our address on it. But I think in the meantime, I will start going on 'midnight walks' to try and see if any of my neighbours have an A/C cover that looks suspiciously like ours used to.


AquariusDragon said...

As if!

Matt said...

wtf, probably some kids.

Holly said...

Man that sucks!

Goodluck with walking around scoping the other neighbours A/C covers! I hope you find the calprit!

Anonymous said...

While it is incredibly low for someone to steal an A/C cover, this may have been a good thing!

Our home inspector said that you should never cover you A/C with those cover things. He suggested setting a plywood board on top to keep the snow off. I'll have to ask Mike why, but I think I remember him saying that it had to do with your fresh air return in the winter.

James said...

Jenn - thanks for the advice. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

James, I checked with Mike about what he remembers the home inspector guy telling us. He said it was not because of the fresh air return, but more that by putting a cover over your A/C you are trapping moisture underneath which will deteriorate the machine.

Totally the opposite of what covers were made for eh? So if you put a piece of plywood over the top, it will keep snow and ice out of the mechanisms, but will have enough ventilation that when the snow melts it will evaporate instead of rusting out the insides.

Still, I think that it is pretty slimy to steal another man's A/C cover right from under his nose! I hope you can figure out who it was just so you can embarass them for stooping that low.

James said...

Jenn and Mike: Thanks for the advice.

I will keep you all posted if I can find out who stole it.