Monday, October 02, 2006

Last Weekend Review of September 06

First things first: WOW. The month of September really flew by quickly. I can't believe it's already October. In fact, a lot of the months have started to fly by quickly now. Perhaps that's a sign of getting older: when months and years start flying by. I'm lucky to be happily married to my beautiful wife for 429 days now - seems like the wedding was only a couple weeks ago. Weird.

Friday: We were both pretty wiped from the long week of work and ultimate, so we didn't do that much that night. We did drop by Staples to pick up a computer desk for the new computer we are getting. Oh, that's right. The Pimpson's have finally bought a computer. With luck, it should arrive this Thursday - we ordered online from We didn't put the desk together that night, since a giant, ugly, pink couch was in the way of where we wanted it to go. Also that night, Ferda made a huge batch of pumpkin squares for her girls night at Mels.

Saturday: Made a huge pot of chili, played ultimate at HBH, then got ready for poker night. Got some ice for drinks, got Ferda to show me how to make her 4-cheese dip, and I was set. Good times were had, I think, Dave won the pot, $60, Jmo got second and got to keep his original $10. Thanks for everyone coming by, hope you had fun.

Sunday: Started putting the computer desk together and got about halfway when we realized it was flawed. One of the legs was longer than the other. We called Staples, arranged to take it back later that afternoon. Played ultimate at Lynda Lane, got completely SOAKED. I really can't believe that games were on that day after it rained the whole night beforehand. When we got there, the was so much standing water there were actually ducks swimming in it. No joke. Regardless, we played and got soaked and muddy. Returned home, cleaned up, and got a new desk from Staples. We also picked up a couple of movies from Rogers, who, by the way, no longer has late fees, so that's good news. We rented Waiting... and Lucky Number Slevin. We watched Waiting while putting the desk together. Pretty funny, yet pretty gross. Ended the night with the usual Sunday night watching of the Simpson's and Family Guy.


Ferda said...

why do you have to be so harsh about my pink couch all the time ha?

James said...

Just because.

And is it really YOUR couch?

For example - did you CHOOSE/PURCHASE it?

Anonymous said...

The Pimpsons are getting a computer?!?!?! All my wildest dreams have come true!

Holly said...

Wow a computer! Nice, congrats guys!

mr_jeff said...

welcome to the 21st century! oh, wait, welcome to the 20th century because that's when the rest of us had their own computers. haha. good purchase on the dell, always reliable. desktop or laptop? i'm debating a dell in the not-to distant future as well simply because it comes in the mail. you gotta love the mail.

James said...

desktop. dimension 5150 series or something. we got the media center editon of xp. currently, I'm hooking it up to the tv and stereo, so the computer will act as a 250 gb tv recorder. also, dell's flatscreens are a thing of beauty. 19 inches.