Friday, October 06, 2006

OK Computer

A couple days have passed now since our new pc arrived from Dell. We're both still extremely happy and excited. Warren burned us a dvd of the first couple episodes of the Office that we missed because of thursday ultimate.

Watching those two episodes last night on the 19" flatscreen was a pure delight. So crisp and perfect. And yesterday morning before we left for work, I set the computer up to record last night's episode since we wouldn't be home due to thursday ultimate again. It records the shows you want it to directly to the hardrive so you can watch them anytime. And with about 200 gb to spare, that's about 120 hours of high quality tv recording if we need it. Mind you, I'd be surprised to see that much used, since, once you are done watching the show you can delete from the hardrive. Or better yet, burn it to a dvd to free up space.

Haven't got to really push the limits of the video card yet. JMo should be loaning me some of his older computer games that he doesn't really play anymore, like Battlefield and HalfLife. So I expect I'll be able to see how it handles games over this Turkey Weekend.

As well, tonight I actually don't have ultimate, so I think I can make it out to radio shack (or it's equivalent) and pick up a few stereo cables I need to complete the install with my tv and surround speakers. Then the computer can broadcast the shows/dvds directly to the tv and surround speakers so you can enjoy it all from the couch. HEY! Did I mention there's a sweet remote control that operates the computer? The remote lets you access all the digital goodness stored in our computer from the comfort of the couch: like recorded tv, videos, photos, mp3's, you can even use msn messenger from the couch with the remote. How lazy is that?!

So as you can tell, I'm very excited about our recent move into computer ownership. Eventually, we'll have the internet at home as well: we've been told they'll come install it next weekend, the 14th.

That's about all I've got to say, except for Happy Turkey Day!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the Cadillac of computers! What Dell did you get? I need to replace my dinosaur soon. I'm thinking of going with a laptop this time though. Unless someone can convince me otherwise. ;)

mr_jeff said...

wow, the pimpsons are definately pimped up now! all those jabs about not having a computer seemed to get them inspired to not only get a pc, but one that suplexes ours right out of the office. giddyup james and ferda, and congrats with the new born.

James said...

We got the Dell Dimension E521, here's a link, I think.

Laptops are great. Definitely a good decision, and prices are also great right now too. And things are so small now, they can get all the same components in a laptop as you can in a desktop. Same hardrive space, same memory, same cd/dvd burners. And with the large amount of free wireless flying around our heads these days, it's a perfect idea.

Jeff: we knew what we wanted, and we wanted to make sure that it would last for a while, i.e., not need to be replaced anytime soon.

James said...

and one other thing, dell's offers and specials seem to change every week. So keep checking if you are interested in getting one, cuz you never know when a good deal will pop up!

Artoo said...

What are you using to record/interface with cable tv?

James said...

We got a tv tuner card installed with the pc, so you just connect the regular co-ax to the computer. The OS is XP/Media Center edition, which handles the recording/playback.

Also - the video card we have has video out in the form of s-video and rca cables.

Palmer said...

I am impressed that this new device has entered your humble abode.

There truly is something to be thankful for this weekedn.

Matt said...

What about Lost S2?
You need to get caught up before they play too much of Season 3
(Awesome first episode!!!)

James said...

Ya - don't know how we'll get caught up. I suppose we can start downloading once the internet arrives. And try and keep recording the new episodes so we can watch them later.

Matt said...

I can toss you S2 eventually,
I wonder if my brother can get it to Ferda..?

James said...

Oh really!? That would be awesome Matt.

I'm sure that Mark and Ferda could easily arrange a convenient meeting time for both parties involved.