Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Blogging

I just have a few things I want to share. Pretty decent weekend. Watched a lot of recorded tv from the media center. Finished 24: Day 5. Pretty good season as Warren had predicted.

The sixth season begins on Sunday, January 14th, 2007, so set your VCRs and PVRs. Here's a little trailer for it also.

We started up on Lost Season 2 as well. So far pretty good. Very confusing. But I like it.

Had a good time at Duncan's Halloween Party. I'm sure pics will follow.


Palmer said...

Oh no! Beta.

James said...


You want make see movie-film of Borat in US&A?

I teach me that Borat movie-film begins Friday.

Maybe ladies come also?

Palmer said...

Yes, I in like #2 prostitute in male washroom.

Unsure if end of week is good. Will get back to you.

James said...

This is great news for Khazakstan - Canada relationship.