Friday, October 13, 2006


Seems like just the other day I was saying how nice the weather was: warm and sunny, perfect for the Simpson family to be sitting on the patio at the cottage.

Well, that's over.

This morning we woke to frost on the ground, rooftops, and car windows. BRRRR... very not cool.

Playing ultimate last night was crazy! I think the official temp was down to 1 degree!

Bundle up and have a pleasant weekend everyone.


AquariusDragon said...

Turn up the heat, put on some Barry White, snuggle up and make some love this frosty weekend!

Holly said...

HAHA! Oh Mel! You made me giggle this morning! Thanks bella! ;-)

Ferda said...

this is why I love Mel!

James said...

Oh ya baby.

AquariusDragon said...

LOL! You guys make me laugh! I love all of you! Looks like we're already starting to warm up the place!