Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Everything Wii

So JamesMo comes into my office just a second ago, and says: "What are you doing tonight? Wanna come over and WiiBox?"

[Wii boxing is part of the Wii Sports package that everyone is talking about. When we played Wii on Saturday with Jmo and Heather, he and I boxed twice and I beat him both times. First fight was a K-O and the second was a decision win. I'm guessing he wants a re-match - and I want to kick his ass again.]

But then JamesMo cuts me off before I can say anything: "Wait. I can't tonight" he says, "I've gotta stay here late and work on my algebra assignment." [OK, that's no joke, 100% truth, but the subject of another blog post]

So JamesMo continues "What about Wednesday? Can you come over tomorrow?"

I finally get to talk and I say: "Dude. That's Ferda's birthday. I can't."

And then JamesMo ends the conversation by saying: "Hello?!! Haven't you ever heard of Bro's before Ho's!??"


Palmer said...

I have a feeling that saying gets kiboshed once one is married.

AquariusDragon said...

Bro's before ho's only works if you're single and not married.... If you're married, well, you probably won't be getting any from your ho and I don't think that's something you want from your bro.

And JamesMO just implied that Ferda is a ho... tsk, tsk!

Ferda said...

hahaha J-Mo is too funny! I can't be mad at him.

James said...

Well, Jmo was joking, obviously.

And Ferda knew it, so it doesn't necessarily mean I won't be getting any.

But I agree, that saying is ki-boshed after marriage.

iBenoit said...

Wii boxing is too cool.

Ex-Bros have said that everything stops after you're married. 'Tis trus. I have heard it said! ;)

Palmer said...

Actually, that should be in future vows.

To you promise to take care of each in sickness and in health, to choose the ho before the bro...

Ferda said...

hahaha Ryan you should do it! It would be sooo funny