Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Time Waster: November 3rd Edition

So, a number of things to say today:

1. Canadian.Tire.Sucks. (this stems from my fun day yesterday, perhaps I'll do a separate post later about this one)

2. Happy Birthday Jordan P!

3. Time Waster from Kevin: Pong

4. Time Waster from me: GI Joe overdubs (I can't get enough of these, and for old time's sake, these are frickin' hilarious. Not only that, I had a porkchop sandwich for lunch!


Palmer said...


MMM...What is that smell?

James said...

God, did tbat smell good.

Anonymous said...

Suffering from writer's block? Finding it difficult to find anytning to talk about? It happens to all the best writers from time to time. You'll get over it!! Jack

James said...

I suppose you are right about the writers block...

Hopefully things will change soon. :-)