Monday, November 27, 2006

How Depressing

After a long absence due to cough and cold, Monday I returned to my workout schedule at the gym. It was pretty tough, and it felt like I really have fallen behind. I hope that with some hard work I can get back to where I was before my cold - within about two weeks. I know that this first week will be pretty tough.

Also, after almost three years of weight training, I feel that I'm sort of coming to a cross-roads: do I want to continue training? Am I still seeing results? Back in the first year, the results were quick and extremely visable. Now, things have definitely slowed down. So I am finding myself asking the question: 'Where do I go from here?'

Maybe the answer lies with a personal trainer. But do I really want to shell out my own cash? Probably not. Or maybe the answer is taking a break for a few months. I could follow the Bob and Doug McKenzie '2-4 Diet': which consists of a two-four of beer and a two-four of doughnuts weekly. Or wait... is that the Homer Simpson diet? Hmmm...

Oh well - enough thinking about workouts, it's time for Heros! Woohoo!


Palmer said...

Perhaps you should look back as to why you started in the first place. If the reasons are the same as they are now, then you SHOULD stick it out. For example, you want to be healthy!

But if you feel that before you just wanted to look like a bodybuilder...and now it's just not worth the effort and you don't feel like you need to look like a bodybuilder anymore, but focus more on the Wii Workout, well, you can tone back a little and realize that you accomplished a goal, be proud and adjust accordingly.

At least we're all proud of you. Well, maybe just Ferda. I don't speak for everyone..not even myself.

Palmer said...

Oh yeah, back onto your post...personal trainer is fine and all, and it's probably worth the money IF you can firmly decide that 'Yes, I wish to go forward in this venture.' But if you are satisfied now, then don't bother. A waste of money!

Clearly, all my talking has just pinpointed the fact that you still need to come to these decisions by yourself. Play some Wii and let your mind wander.

AquariusDragon said...

James, it's all about maintaining. You might not see the effects of your workout these days but your body probably thanks you for it!


kevin said...

Here's a question for you Palmer.

How can you apply a personal trainer to the 'dollar-a-day-theory'? Would it be that because James would look like Hanz and Franz, he would effectively spend a dollar every day... or would you have to justify it by seeing a personal trainer every single day...? I guess it's harder to justify services in the dollar-a-day theory.

PS James, what matters is that you reach your full 'pump'tential

Palmer said...

You are correct Kevin, the dollar a day theory only applies to tangible items.