Sunday, November 12, 2006

Love/Hate Relationship

The Pimpson's new computer is still not perfect. But I think we are getting there.

Seems every day my attitude towards it changes: one day I think it's great, the next day it sucks and I hate it.

This morning I did some investigation on, a forum created for all media center users and questions and such. Seems a lot of users were having problems with live TV, and the common solution was rolling back an update from Microsoft. So I did that this morning and also updated the driver for our ati tv tuner. So I'm on the 'love' end of the spectrum this morning because the live tv portion is working again.

Also, something I noticed just this morning which is pretty cool. On the keyboard I found two extra USB ports! I had no idea they were there before. So that makes for nine total on the PC. Five in the back of the case, two up front, and two on the keyboard. Mind you, I don't think we have nine different things that require USB ports.

Not only that, last night I downloaded Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta, pretty neat verison of MSN. After the install, we got chatting with Ferda's parents in the UK and got our webcam working with theirs. So it changed from a chat session, to a video call! VERY COOL. I've never done that before. The quality wasn't great, but I suppose that's to be expected considering all that sound and video data is traveling half way across the globe. So we're happy with the logitech webcam we got at BestBuy last week. The next up coming purchase will have to be a printer. Then perhaps a home alarm system to protect all our new purchases... :-)

So things are back to normal at the Pimpson's residence: recording tv, watching it, then deleting it. Which I bet is awful for the hard drive. I'm sure after about a month of doing that, the hard drive will be completely fragmented. Oh well, I guess that's why there's a defrag program, eh?

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your 9 USB ports. Seems like I'm always running out of USB ports... mouse, keyboard, ipod, printer, flash drive... I really ought to get a UBS hub.

Oh and thanks for your input on that laptop I was looking at. You saved me from spending $1099 on something that wouldn't have quite worked out for me. :)

James said...

printers go on USB now?

We don't have one yet, will be getting one soon I suppose.

Don't mention the help: however Jen - you should also get someone elses advice as well. As I really don't know THAT much about computers...

Ferda said...

adorable AND modest! :-)

Kevin said...

"printers go on usb now?"

A comment like that shows you he's not lying when he says he doesn't know "that" much about computers!

Pollcrazy said...

Go laser printer, They are pretty cheap now!

Matt said...

"Oh, they have Internet on computers now." - Homer Simpson

Could not find an mp3 of it :(