Monday, November 06, 2006

Mondays Suck. KWIM?

Call this post what you want: perhaps a Weekend Review, maybe a Time Waster. Or maybe just a catch-up. Either way I'll spill some beans on a few different topics.

Last Thursday I took the day off work and got caught up on a few different chores. I needed to renew my health card, so that required a trip downtown. Let me just say that it's pretty dumb that the only place in Ottawa where you can renew your health card is downtown at CityHall, and downtown at the Fuller bldg across the street. Why in the world would they decide to have two places to do this, and then put them right beside eachother. Stupidity.

Then I tried to the get the car e-tested, but there was a hole in the exhaust system which needed to be repaired first. So I went to CDN Tire and got them to fix it. At the same time, I got them to replace the front brakes (which were shot) and service the rear (which were almost shot). So as you can guess, I spent most of my day at the CDN Tire on Heron and Bank. Then, once they were done there, I was able to get the e-test done: it passed. Then to the MTO to renew the plates for the car. So it was an expensive day; in terms of money and time. Regardless, all that stuff is done now, and that's good.

Friday: back to work, played catch-up for all the phone calls and emails I missed the day before. Worked my lunch and missed my usual gym routine. It will hurt to get back to the weights today. After work I met up with a tech from Dell who came to our house to look at the computer. Lately, the Simpsons have been having problems with the 'dream computer'. I know. I'm pissed too.

So the problem is an ugly blue screen of death, 'memory parity error'. Dell's solution: new memory chips and a new motherboard. So I helped the tech install the new pieces, and we rebooted the pc: Same.Blue.Screen. Now the tech says the next solution is to format the HD. We weren't too happy with this idea, since we had spent many hours downloading Lost episodes...

We kicked the tech out and headed over to Walmart to get a pack of dvd-r's to copy our programs we wanted to keep before I wiped the harddrive. Four burnt dvds later and I was ready to format C:\ - Things seem to be better now. Haven't seen that blue screen again. So that's an improvement. But media-center is acting up - not recording my shows. At least it didn't last night... we'll see what happens today.

Saturday night brought us to CoBro's appartment for a little poker game which I won. Go.Me. We also played a quick game of slangteasers; hilarity ensued of course. Thanks for sending that game out to us Ma, we really like it. Very funny.

Sunday I continued to work on the pc, while Ferda disappeared to Costco with Holly for a few hours. Then later that night we went with Alex and Holly to see the Borat movie. Bad Idea. It wasn't playing at our local cinema so we had to go to Coliseum instead. Hadn't been there for a bit, and didn't know what to expect. It was PACKED. Never would I have thought a movie theatre would be that busy on a Sunday night. Since when did Sunday nights become the 'movie date night'? Not only that, the whole place was high. I guess the cool thing to do is smoke up and watch Borat. It frickin stunk something awful. We couldn't find seats for Borat, so we exchanged out tickets and got ones for Saw 3 instead.

Two words: GORE. Y.

Overall, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience. I suppose I'm not really a 'crowd' person. Go figure. On the way home from the movie, Ferda and I decided that we are much more comfortable in our own home, on our own couch, watching our own tv.


Palmer said...

What if you were in a theatre and it is 95% empty? Those are the times I love to go to a movie. When I have the whole row to myself.

Granted, you have to wait a month to go see a movie, but I like the trade-off.

James said...

Yes. That is the time when I would be happy to go to the movies.

But when it's 95% full, like it was last night, I hate it.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention about getting high to see Borat... I was at a Halloween party the other weekend and there was a group of people I didn't know there getting all excited about making plans to drop shrooms so they could all go see Borat. I don't get it. Maybe I'm too old to see the connection? Maybe it won't be funny unless you're high? I think kids these days need to find new things to do with their time, instead of being idiots.

I agree that Mondays suck. It sounds like you were really productive last week though. At least you got to cross a lot of things off your TO DO list. That's gotta feel good at least. Chin up... tomorrow's Tuesday.

Ferda said...

Jen I have two words for you --> YOU ROCK! You are such a sweetie pie.

warrenyeung said...

i *told* you not to get a Dell!

Matt said...

Warren is wise beyond his years.

(I have never found a good Dell machine, it's almost an oxymoron)

James said...

Thanks Warren and Matt.

Matt said...

are you returning it?

James said...

ugh... no. not yet. (at least).

They might not make the best computers, but they do have great customer service. It's warranteed for a year, and they have already come through on that by bringing us a second motherboard and a second set of memory chips.

We'll see what happens. And of course, the internet community will be notified.

Anonymous said...

from previous experience, it's not the high that increase the movie's pleasure, but rather the movie that increases the high.

those days are long gone for me now, but i fondly remember watching "half baked" well, half baked. or having my senses widened at a tool concert by the same funny cigarettes my parents used to smoke in the 70s. it's simply one of those things "kids" do, jen. and it's been happenning for many generations, it's not a recent phenomenon.

so let the kids smoke that fatty and enjoy their borat.

Matt said...

Yes, agreed I have also heard the customer service is pretty good.

I tend only to worry about the return policy though.