Friday, December 29, 2006

Here's some more pics I wanted to share. These aren't old ones, they are actually from Ryan's Holiday Party, but worthwhile as they showcase the spanking I gave Ferda in Blades of Steel.

Booyah. And now that we have the Wii, she's been spanking me at Wii Sports - especially Tennis and Bowling.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Old Photos

I've now gone through all the old photos my dad lent me. Tons of memories there. Crazy, random, memories from ever ago...

Here's some interesting ones...

These are some cool lego models I made of the starship enterprise docking with deep space nine. And then two romulan warbirds attacking from above. I know, you can say it, I was frickin' cool back then.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Haven't written in a while, no doubt about that. Don't have too much to say. Spent xmas day at my grandparents. 13 of us were there. It was nice to see everyone. Also nice to spend some time with my dad. He gave us an old shoe box of photos from a long time ago. I started looking at them all. I think a project I'll soon take up is too scan them all, well, at least all the good ones. There's some really neat ones, that's for sure.

Ferda and I each got something nice from my dad. Ferda got a really nice TH sweater, while I got a nice pair of moccasins. Haven't had a pair of slippers for a while.

On boxing day we went to Bayshore mall, along with half the population of Ottawa. Very busy. I didn't like it too much, but I know Ferda was happy to buy some new clothes and stuff. Then today (Wednesday), Ferda went out to Walmart to buy a few things, and while she was shopping around, they made an announcement saying they had just received a shipment of Nintendo Wii's! So she picked one up and brought it home for us! WooHoo!

She's currently playing Elebits, a goofy game made by Konami, the same folks who made Katamari - this game has some unique gameplay features that only can be accomplished with the wiimote. Also picked up MonkeyBall.

Anyway - not much else to report, been watching all the recorded TV we have saved up on the media center, and some movies too. Watched Xmen3, we both enjoyed it. Started to watch Barnyard - but we fell asleep so we gave up. On deck to watch are lots of episodes of CSI-Miami, The Ant Bully, and The Black Dahlia. (I have no idea what that is!?)


Monday, December 18, 2006


Got home from work about an hour ago and checked the mail. JACKPOT! Like 10 different Christmas cards! Woo HOO!

There was Palmer's life story for 2006, sweet stuff from Mike and Mel, a cute snowman card from my Mom, and this CRAZY picture from my grandparents who live in BC. My poor, poor grandparents, who live in supposedly mild-weathered BC, who keep on getting CRAZY winter storms.

This is a pic of my Mom and Richard plowing my grandparents driveway. Now let me clarify this for people who live in Ottawa - for Vancouver standards, that's a LOT OF SNOW. And this has happened TWICE to them so far this year! Not only that, power lines have gone down and they have lost their power a few times - three days at a time once. Not cool BC Hydro.

Anyway - thanks to everyone who sent us cards! You all ROCK!

*** Also, I should probably mention this, my crazy friend Warren has bought a PS3 and is looking to sell it. Post a comment if you are interested or want more information.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Multiple Reviews: POTC2, Super-ex Girlfriend, LB3

Over the last couple nights we've caught up on some more movies. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was pretty good. Quite a long movie, but full of action. I liked it a lot. Interesting point when they all visited the voodoo lady in the swamp - VERY similar to the voodoo lady and her surroundings in Monkey Island 2. Great how they opened it up for another movie, truly a good series Disney has running there. 5 undead monkeys out of 5.

We watched Super-Ex Girlfriend last night. This was Ferda's choice. However I think that I ended up liking it more than she did. You know whats funny, that happens quite a bit. Anyway, I guess it was a... hmm, actually I'm not sure what category you would place this movie in. It's almost a romantic-comedy paired with and action movie. The romantic parts were hard to find, and I think that's why Ferda didn't like it too much. Oh well. I liked the part with the great white shark. Yup. Shark. But I won't ruin anymore of it for you. :-) 3 great whites out of 5.

And on to the Laguna Beach season finale for season number 3. It all ended on Wednesday night, with most of the shiny, plastic teens graduating from high school. Leaving behind the junior girls like Cammy and Kyndra, Rocky and Tessa, and of course, 'Hollywood' Cam. Seriously, what a great show. It's hard to believe it's all real sometimes. Truly the directors and camera operators do a great job. And the music is GREAT. I love all the current music played throughout the season. Also what makes this show so great is the aftershow they do on MTV right after each episode. The aftershow is very funny and they always point out bits that I missed while watching the show. They are also the geniuses behind the Cami Remix. Anyway, I sure hope they start recording a season 4 of Laguna Beach so we all can enjoy it next summer/fall. 5 girlfights outta 5!

Peace out!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Phones

To follow up on yesterday's post, here are pics of our new celly's. This is Ferda's:

And this is mine:

We are happy customers, that's for sure. And HEY! Did I mention that we bought at FutureShop and they gave us EACH $75 gift certificates??? That puts me $150 closer to a new Wii...

Awww yeah baby!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Review: December 9-10, 2006

Perhaps this should be labelled semi-monthly review, because it seems like forever since I've written one of these.

Where to start - hmm - lately been using the media center pc to its fullest watching recorded tv and movies. Shows we most watch are King of Queens, anything CSI, South Park and other cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad, oh, and of course, Laguna Beach. And speaking of Laguna Beach, check out the Cami Remix from youtube.

Some movies we've watched lately:

Cars: Great movie, must watch if you like other Pixar films.
Accepted: pretty funny, however, could be skipped
Strangers with Candy: MUST SEE. Hilarious.
Miami Vice: Skip it. We didn't even finish it. No joke.
Click: Good movie. Typical Adam Sandler comedy, which is good if you like his stuff.
Beerfest: Depends on your gender - I loved it. Ferda, well, didn't.
Over the Hedge: Cute cartoon movie.

Movies that are cued: Pulse, Pirates of the Carribean 2, and The Ant Bully.

Over this past weekend I went to Duncan and Dave's for a poker night followed by Wii Sports. Mike G won the poker. Playing Wii sports was fun as usual. Matt also showed us Zelda on the Wii. Looked pretty neat.

Also over this past weekend Ferda and I bought cellphones. We signed up with Telus on a shared plan. We actually bought the phones at FutureShop which was a great deal. In fact, my phone, Motorola Razor, was FREE. Ferda got the LG Chocolate Holiday Bundle, which wasn't free, but it was totally worth it. Her phone is sweet. The bundle came with a 1 gig microSD card for the phone, which holds all the MP3s you could want. It also came with a USB transfer plug thing to get the songs onto the little card. Also came with a SWEET bluetooth wireless stereo headset so you can listen to the music. BUT it also acts as a handsfree device when you get a call cuz it has a mic built into it! Its a SWEET PHONE, I am very jealous.

Mind you, mine is pretty cool too. My phone connects to the computer with a USB to miniUSB cable and I can move pics and songs and ringtones back and forth to the PC.

Ferda's on her second week of the new job. Things seem to be going well. I won't start my new job until January after the holidays. Man o man, holidays, I am really looking forward to the break we get between Christmas and New Years. New Years! Anyone cooking up New Years Plans???

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday No Time Waster

At the grocery store last night, we overheard some random guy asking a question to one of the store's employees who on was out on the floor:

Random Guy: Excuse me - but where would I find the mango chutney?

Store Employee: Ugh, I don't even know what that is.

I suppose his wife probably sent him to the store with a list of specific items. It was pretty damn funny when it happened. But perhaps that was because we're so tired - it's been a long week. Especially for Ferda, seeing as it was her first week on the new job.

Enjoy your weekend! Seacrest out.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ferda still loves to play Mario Bros on the DS - even though she has beaten the final Bowser. She plays throughout the house: in bed, the bathroom, I even walked by the bathroom last night and caught her playing while she was using mouthwash! I guess those thirty seconds while she rinses with listerine are valuable gaming time.

It's really not a concern to me, except for when I am trying to sleep. For example, this is what happened last night:

She poked me awake and said: "Hey - watch this!"

I rolled over to watch her play, but just as my eyes started to focus on the screen, she ran straight into a little hole and died.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Mom: The Instant Messenging Pro

[MSN Conversation from December 5th, 2006, 10:59am EST]

After seeing that my mom has come online, I quickly write her:

James says: HI MOM!!!!
*no response*

James says: HELLO???
*still no response, but then...*

Jessica says: Hi James , are you sending me messages right now?

James says: HECK YA!

Jessica says: Well I'll be!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Into the Wii hours of the night...

Ferda's bday party was a success. The millions, and millions, of her fans stopped by and we had a great time. Giant thanks go out to Jmo, Heather, Matt and Jen (no order) for making it all possible by bringing their various Wii components.

I hope everyone who came had a good time! I'm guessing most did. Except for maybe Duncan who had like 2o MBs of video to delete from his cell phone. :-) Those videos were hilarious...

Matt pwned us all on Wii Tennis. I think this comic says it all:

Again, thanks to everyone for coming out. See you all soon.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Barrhaven's Finest Part III *Re-do*

To follow up on the story written a couple of days ago, he's a pic of the number Ferda got!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Remember Tron?

[Saturday Time Waster]

All this talk about video games on Mel's blog has made me want to tell you about this sweet game I found on sourceforge, it's called Armadetron Advanced. It's not flash game like usual that I post, but I promise you, this is worth it. Especially you Palmer and JMo.

Basically its the coolest parts of the movie. AND it has online multiplayer! Check it out.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The End!!!!1onetwo

Time sure moves quickly, doesn't it. I remember starting this blog more than a year ago, and ir truly feels like yesterday. I also remember all the other great blogs to come along. And great they really are; however, sadly, some of them are choosing to come to an end.

Could this be the end for the super_ap as well?

Or could it be the beginning of something even better?

It is with a heavy heart that I must confess to you all some very sad news. For you see, once the year turns and 2007 begins, I can no longer call myself super_ap. The reason for this, let me tell you, is quite simple. However, before I explain, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my most fondest of memories:
This list could go on and on, but to continue from where I left off from above, there is a reason why I can no longer call myself super_ap. You see, super_ap, or Supervisor - Accounts Payable, is my job title. A job that I am leaving effective January 2nd, 2007. I'll be starting in a new position at HBH at that time in a new department.

This places this blog at a crossroads. I figure that its only fair that I allow you, my true fans, to decide the fate of this blog - so do I:
a) continue this blog under the false alias of super_ap?
b) start a new blog under a new, more appropriate, alias?
c) kill the whole thing and get a real hobby like knitting or professional WiiBoxer?

Decisions... decisions.