Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Haven't written in a while, no doubt about that. Don't have too much to say. Spent xmas day at my grandparents. 13 of us were there. It was nice to see everyone. Also nice to spend some time with my dad. He gave us an old shoe box of photos from a long time ago. I started looking at them all. I think a project I'll soon take up is too scan them all, well, at least all the good ones. There's some really neat ones, that's for sure.

Ferda and I each got something nice from my dad. Ferda got a really nice TH sweater, while I got a nice pair of moccasins. Haven't had a pair of slippers for a while.

On boxing day we went to Bayshore mall, along with half the population of Ottawa. Very busy. I didn't like it too much, but I know Ferda was happy to buy some new clothes and stuff. Then today (Wednesday), Ferda went out to Walmart to buy a few things, and while she was shopping around, they made an announcement saying they had just received a shipment of Nintendo Wii's! So she picked one up and brought it home for us! WooHoo!

She's currently playing Elebits, a goofy game made by Konami, the same folks who made Katamari - this game has some unique gameplay features that only can be accomplished with the wiimote. Also picked up MonkeyBall.

Anyway - not much else to report, been watching all the recorded TV we have saved up on the media center, and some movies too. Watched Xmen3, we both enjoyed it. Started to watch Barnyard - but we fell asleep so we gave up. On deck to watch are lots of episodes of CSI-Miami, The Ant Bully, and The Black Dahlia. (I have no idea what that is!?)



Jen(nnn) said...

Yay! Happy holidays you guys! I think the Nintendo Wii was meant to be. It was kismet being in Walmart that day for sure.

Benoit said...

Congrats on the Wii... Good karma guys... we all know you are going to enjoy it.

Funny, as I type this Cinthia is playing Elebits. She loves it.

I like it too but yesterday, I played a bit and had to stop because of a motion sickness feeling... :( I already knew that some first person shooters had that affect on me but I am sad that Elebits's 3D room spinning does it too... Great game nonetheless.

Happy holidays you two.

warrenyeung said...

wow...thank goodness ferda likes shopping, or else you wouldn't have gotten a Wii this holiday season!

black dahlia, i think, stars the ever luscious Scarlett Johansson, recently dubbed the Sexiest Woman Alive by some magazine. i think she has a love scene - burn it to dvd for me if so!