Friday, December 15, 2006

Multiple Reviews: POTC2, Super-ex Girlfriend, LB3

Over the last couple nights we've caught up on some more movies. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was pretty good. Quite a long movie, but full of action. I liked it a lot. Interesting point when they all visited the voodoo lady in the swamp - VERY similar to the voodoo lady and her surroundings in Monkey Island 2. Great how they opened it up for another movie, truly a good series Disney has running there. 5 undead monkeys out of 5.

We watched Super-Ex Girlfriend last night. This was Ferda's choice. However I think that I ended up liking it more than she did. You know whats funny, that happens quite a bit. Anyway, I guess it was a... hmm, actually I'm not sure what category you would place this movie in. It's almost a romantic-comedy paired with and action movie. The romantic parts were hard to find, and I think that's why Ferda didn't like it too much. Oh well. I liked the part with the great white shark. Yup. Shark. But I won't ruin anymore of it for you. :-) 3 great whites out of 5.

And on to the Laguna Beach season finale for season number 3. It all ended on Wednesday night, with most of the shiny, plastic teens graduating from high school. Leaving behind the junior girls like Cammy and Kyndra, Rocky and Tessa, and of course, 'Hollywood' Cam. Seriously, what a great show. It's hard to believe it's all real sometimes. Truly the directors and camera operators do a great job. And the music is GREAT. I love all the current music played throughout the season. Also what makes this show so great is the aftershow they do on MTV right after each episode. The aftershow is very funny and they always point out bits that I missed while watching the show. They are also the geniuses behind the Cami Remix. Anyway, I sure hope they start recording a season 4 of Laguna Beach so we all can enjoy it next summer/fall. 5 girlfights outta 5!

Peace out!


Ferda said...

Hun, I think you and I are the only Laguna Beach fans on here.

Either that or they are all closeted.

James said...

Def closet'd