Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Review: December 9-10, 2006

Perhaps this should be labelled semi-monthly review, because it seems like forever since I've written one of these.

Where to start - hmm - lately been using the media center pc to its fullest watching recorded tv and movies. Shows we most watch are King of Queens, anything CSI, South Park and other cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad, oh, and of course, Laguna Beach. And speaking of Laguna Beach, check out the Cami Remix from youtube.

Some movies we've watched lately:

Cars: Great movie, must watch if you like other Pixar films.
Accepted: pretty funny, however, could be skipped
Strangers with Candy: MUST SEE. Hilarious.
Miami Vice: Skip it. We didn't even finish it. No joke.
Click: Good movie. Typical Adam Sandler comedy, which is good if you like his stuff.
Beerfest: Depends on your gender - I loved it. Ferda, well, didn't.
Over the Hedge: Cute cartoon movie.

Movies that are cued: Pulse, Pirates of the Carribean 2, and The Ant Bully.

Over this past weekend I went to Duncan and Dave's for a poker night followed by Wii Sports. Mike G won the poker. Playing Wii sports was fun as usual. Matt also showed us Zelda on the Wii. Looked pretty neat.

Also over this past weekend Ferda and I bought cellphones. We signed up with Telus on a shared plan. We actually bought the phones at FutureShop which was a great deal. In fact, my phone, Motorola Razor, was FREE. Ferda got the LG Chocolate Holiday Bundle, which wasn't free, but it was totally worth it. Her phone is sweet. The bundle came with a 1 gig microSD card for the phone, which holds all the MP3s you could want. It also came with a USB transfer plug thing to get the songs onto the little card. Also came with a SWEET bluetooth wireless stereo headset so you can listen to the music. BUT it also acts as a handsfree device when you get a call cuz it has a mic built into it! Its a SWEET PHONE, I am very jealous.

Mind you, mine is pretty cool too. My phone connects to the computer with a USB to miniUSB cable and I can move pics and songs and ringtones back and forth to the PC.

Ferda's on her second week of the new job. Things seem to be going well. I won't start my new job until January after the holidays. Man o man, holidays, I am really looking forward to the break we get between Christmas and New Years. New Years! Anyone cooking up New Years Plans???


Anonymous said...

We watched Cars yesterday. Very cute! Ka-chow!

You know where you *could* go for New Year's Eve....

Palmer said...

New Years up in Kap for all those who are interested!

James said...

Toronto? Kap?

Anything else?

Matt said...

I was thinking of hitting the Pimpsons... ;)

James said...

avec le Wii?