Tuesday, January 30, 2007

She's joking, right? RIGHT!?

[MSN Conversation from January 30th, 2007 - 12:44 pm]

James says: did you want to buy RRSPs again this year? Deadline is March 1st.

Ferda says: yes i am all for that

James says: if we do buy them, they should go under my name this time.

Ferda says: that way when we cash them in we get taxed on them equally

James says: Exactly. I'll make an excel file at home one night this week and add up all our RRSPs out there, get totals for each of us, so we can easily track them, and who has how much and so on. I'll also put all the acct numbers for them, so we have it all in a handy place.

Ferda says: it'll make it easier for when we are divorced!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

iPhone Hype

Matt, Joe, Ryan, and Dish (and I'm sure even other bloggers) were all good enough to share their comments on Apple's new iPhone.

They were all nice enough to post all the features this neat little piece of technology can do. Well, last week, the Pimpson's were doing what Pimpson's do best: watching TV, when we saw this small clip on Conan. Enjoy:

Conan O'Brien iPhone Commercial

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Watching 24 with Ferda is great.

Since she spent four years in Saudi Arabia, she knows quite a few words in Arabic, so when the terrorists in 24 are speaking, she can translate and tell me whats going on!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Review: Jan 13-14, 2007

I think this might be the weekend that will be known as the one before the snow came. Winter is here. I take all that previous global warming shit back.

Friday night: I could not tell you what we did. No idea.

Saturday: Did some chores around the house and cleaned up. Went to ultimate at HBH, had a good game. It was pretty close, lost by only two points. The other team was quite strong. Our team still has some issues to work out in terms of gelling and getting our game on. Regardless, I was pretty happy with my performance. I made a number of solid D's and even scored a few points. I was reading the disc and the field very well. I seriously can't wait for winter to end and summer ultimate to begin. It is SO much better than indoor. After our normal game, Ferda got asked by the following team to sub with them. So we stuck around and I watched her play a second game. Once she was done, we headed home and and cleaned up. Alex and Holly came for dinner - Ferda made chicken stir fry curry style. After dinner we watched The Illusionist on the new plasma. Pretty good movie, kept our interest, even Holly's - which is hard sometimes as she's prone to sleeping while watching movies at our place. I think most people would enjoy this, so check it out. After the movie, we fired up the Wii and had some massive tennis and bowling matches. I think Holly was the winner in bowling - Ferda probably won tennis. Then we all did our Wii Sports Age - very funny. Much harded to concentrate when you have a crowd watching you.

Sunday: Watched Corrie St. in the morning while we ate a nice egg breakfast. Decided to go to the cinemas and see a movie there: Night at the Museum. This was a really fun movie, aimed towards children, judging by the amount of rotten kids in the theatre, but we really enjoyed it. I think we are still big children at heart when it comes to movies. Went home after that, watched a lot of tv, ate some quick dinner, than watched more TV, 24 season 6 premiere included.

From White Castle to 24

[possible 24: Day 6 spoiler alert]

Why do the producers of 24 insist on taking well known actors from other shows/movies and placing them in terrorist roles? For example:

You all remember the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle? Kumar, the stoner who's SOLE interest in life was getting to White Castle and getting 15 mini burgers, is now part of the terrorist group bringing trouble for Jack Bauer and CTU.

And they showed a preview clip for tonight's episode, and who else has been cast as a terrorist? Sean Majumdar from Just for Laughs! So we have two comedians playing terrorists?! Hmmm, kinda hard to believe.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Boys Night

[MSN conversation from Jan. 11th, 8:52am]

James says: re tonight - Ferda wants to work late tonight. so I have the house to myself. wanna come over? I'll make you pizza. We can play wii on my big tv. I have a ride home with a co worker here, but if you come over, I can scrap those arrangements.

JamesMo says: sounds good to me - let me email heather right now - make sure I'm not forgetting her birthday or something.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham brings game to North America

People across the world have one of two possible emotions when it comes to David Beckham: love or hate. And no matter which emotion you are filled with - you can't deny that Beckham has brought soccer to a whole new level since he started with Manchester United back in the early 90's.

We haven't seen much of Beckham after stepping down as captain from England's national team at the World Cup last summer. Sure - he's continued to play for Real Madrid in the meantime, but it's been quiet on the Victoria and David Beckham front. That is all about to change.

The Beckham family will soon be moving to Hollywood. The Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS) have recently acquired Beckham for an estimated $250 million / 5 year deal. In my opinion, this is huge news for soccer fans across the world.

There is no denying that major league sports in North America are a big deal. Hockey, football, baseball, basketball, are billion dollar industries. However, soccer has always been slow to take off in North America versus it's mega-popularity in Europe and South&Central America. If Beckham stays around and increases the popularity of soccer in North American, I have a feeling more and more kids will choose soccer as their sport. And I bet parents will be more than happy to place their children in soccer programs versus the more expensive football and hockey programs.

Myself, as life-long fan of all things soccer, am looking forward to this likely increase in popularity for one of my favourite past-times. If popularity does change, perhaps we could see a MLS team here in Canada. I know there was talk about a Toronto team starting up, but I think that's been placed on the side-burner for the time being. Now if only we could get Michael Jordan to play ultimate!


** Correction: I was wrong about Toronto's MLS team. My apologies, it's easy to forget things about Toronto. ;-)

Eleven Days into 2007

Amazing that today is only January 11th. Seems like a LOT has happened since the beginning of the year.

New job for me: things are really starting to pick up now. The first week was pretty slow - I guess the reason for that was that many of the managers I will be dealing with in this new job were away on holidays for that first week. Now I'm starting to get invited to meetings with different managers, discussing different projects in terms of fiscal and non-fiscal resources. These kinds of meetings are new to me, everyone uses a lot of acronyms that are unfamiliar to me. Later, when I go home at night, I repeat them all to Ferda and she catches me up. :-) She really knows her sh*t when it comes to the world of business.

New Tv: Man - I love this new tv. Trying to be really careful for the first 100 - 200 hours. Even though the new plasmas they come out with now aren't as likely to get 'burn-in' as, say, plasmas built 5 years ago, I'm still baby-ing it. You can sometimes see some image-retention when a static image is displayed for a while. But it can be removed easily by displaying full screen tv for a while - it also has a 'white wash' feature which helps to repair uneven phosphor wear. I've used it for about 5 mins here and there as a preventative measure. Perhaps I'm being too paranoid about this possible burn-in, but I really don't want to wreck my brand new baby. Once it's about 3-4 weeks old, I expect I will have passed the 100 hour mark, and it'll be safe to be more liberal with my viewing. For now though, I try to limit usage. Ferda thinks I'm too protective. :-)

Ultimate: I mentioned yesterday that winter ultimate would be starting in a couple weeks. WRONG! It starts THIS Saturday! Ferda and I are very excited about this. The name of the team we are playing against is TBD. Ugh - great. No help there. Hopefully we school them. Nothing better than winning. Darryl, our captain for this team, loaned us a dvd of Furious George (a comp. team from Vancouver). The dvd has an awesome hi-light reel and shows crucial parts of all their games leading up to the nationals in Florida. Watching that dvd drives me nuts. I want to get out there and play so bad. And these guys are frickin' good. Every catch is practically a lay-out; there's even a few callahans and greatest points (sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about)! Ferda's kind of into the dvd as well; at least, I know she's excited for this weekend's game. She said something cool while we were watching the dvd; it was during a quick interview with the captain of Furious after a tough win. Of course he was talking in ulty-speak, so Ferda said to me:

"It's amazing. I know exactly what he's talking about. And it's SPORTS!"

This holds very true. If you know Ferda at all, you might recall that she doesn't know much about sports in the least. In fact, you might even remember this conversation after Ferda was invited to a Grey Cup party:

"Grey Cup? What is that? Golf?"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boring Update

I remember back in November I wrote this post about the gym and my weight training. Back then I felt like it was tough to continue my routine of lunch-hour gym visits. I feel like I should do a follow-up on this, perhaps as a motivation to myself, to record my progress and keep my eyes on a target. That's what you gotta do, really, is set relatively easy goals that you know you can reach. I think this methodology can be applied to pretty much anything in life. As you reach these goals, and set new, higher ones, you can stay focused and be happy with the progression you have made.

So - after I wrote that other post back in late November, I did make some changes to my routine. Whereas I used to go pretty much 5 days a week, I decreased the frequency to about 3-4 days a week. Sure, by the end of the week I maybe haven't done as many different exercises as previously, but this way I am more happy (and willing) to go there. I would tell myself to push myself today, so that I can have a nice break (Subway!) tomorrow.

As well, over the holiday break - I didn't do a damn thing exercise related. Which was very nice. I think this helped also by allowing my body to fully rest and my muscles to fully heal. When I came back to the gym last week, I was definitely able to increase my lifting power with my muscles fully rested. (now if only I could increase my killing power...)

Also - within the past week since I started going again, I maintained that 3-4 times a week idea, and I have seen some pleasing results. I'm down a handful of pounds (see you next year, turkey weight) and my fitness levels have started to improve. In a couple more weeks, winter ultimate will begin - we're planning on having a small team this year: less subs = more playing time. That's great. I could use more of the cardio gained from running. It will help me get in shape for summer ultimate when that starts up in May.

Looking towards the future, specifically in terms of my workout routine: I think I need to work on allowing more rest in between sets. Its hard going over there at lunch because there really isn't a lot of time - it makes you rush and not take your time - which is unfourtunate. So this will be tough. Oh well, what am I going to do. I shouldn't complain, really, right? I mean, I am lucky enough that I get to go.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Review: Jan 6-7

Where to start? Following up on Matt's last post, the weather here in Ottawa has been incredible lately. Really you can't complain at all, considering the average for now is around -10. Climate change is a REAL issue. Governments of today need to start making REAL decisions so governments of tomorrow will actually have people, and a planet, to govern over. My $0.02 for this topic (for now...).

The weekend for the Pimpson's was nice. Friday took it easy, watched tv. Saturday we watched some more tv, and a couple movies:

The Ant Bully: Kid's cartoon similar to 'Over the Hedge' and 'Bug's Life'. Good story, we liked it a lot. We are fans of this genre: kid's movies with Hollywood voice talents. This featured Nic Cage and Julia Roberts I believe. A+.

The Last Kiss: A movie by Zach Braff of the tv show 'Scrubs'. We really enjoyed his first movie, 'Garden State' which starred him opposite Natalie Portman. First things first, this movie deserves a RED FLAG warning on the front cover. The movies follows the lives of a few different friends, now in their late 20's and early thirties, who ALL seem to be have mid-life-crisis's by either cheating on, or leaving, their current wives/gf's. So be careful if you plan on watching this with your significant other - be prepared for a fight afterwards. Or, at least, a lengthy conversation. ;-)

Also on Saturday we did some shopping. My favourite kind of shopping. TV shopping. I won't go into the details here, but I will say it's BEAUTIFUL. Stop by and take a look. Everything looks great on it: Wii, DVDs, Media Center.

Later that Saturday evening, my dad came over for dinner. Ferda made her amazing meatloaf and a super side-dish of potatoes covered in cheese. Great dinner. Was nice to see my dad, he really liked the TV, and he also liked the Wii. He really picked up on golf quickly. Not a huge bowling fan. He is also a fan of the Media Center, in fact, he's amazed at how much recorded tv can fit on a hard drive. I suppose he still thinks back to the old days of computers when he owned an IBM PC Junior, that had only 256 KB of RAM. NO HARD DRIVE. I remember that PC. Good for two things: Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man.

Even LATER that Saturday night, Heather and JamesMo came by for some Wii-ing. Played a LOT of tennis, and got into some multiplayer Elebits action. Made for a late night but we love hanging around those guys.

Sunday took it easy, picked up some component Wii cables from EBgames in Barrhaven, ran into Kevin who was working there. The store was packed. Full of greedy little kids eager to spend their Christmas money. For dinner, we had Darryl over, our captain from out winter ultimate team, also a Wii owner. So some more Wii Sports and Ferda made a wicked homemade pizza with salami, montreal smoked meat, pineapple, peppers, mushrooms, and I'm sure I'm missing something here. Anyway, great pizza, great weekend.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Time Waster - Jan. 5

Today's time waster is a simple one, yet relatively time sensitive. Today, at 12:30 pm EST - Canada takes on Russia at the World Juniors for the gold medal. If I'm not mistaken, Canada is up for a three-peat (three wins in a row).

TSN has been streaming (live) all games from this tournament this week, so check out TSN around 12:30 to catch all the action. You know I will.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Media Center vs MythTV

Some of you may know that Matt and I have been having it out lately over a certain topic. It's all quite recent, actually, and it only goes back to the other night, New Years Eve in fact, when we were all over at Matt's and he couldn't get his MythTV to display live tv so we couldn't watch the ball drop over Times Square.

I guess I should start by explaining what MythTV is. From the MythTV wiki, it is described as an alternative to digital cable services and traditional set-top-box PVRs and TiVos. It runs under the Linux OS. It's main purpose it to record, play, and organize TV programs. It also has plugins for other media types like photos and music.

Now I will explain Media Center. From wikipedia, it is described as a version of Windows XP designed to be a specific media hub. Moreover, can be used specifically for all media that you can throw at it: tv shows, tv program guides, photos, music, it can even take a recorded tv show or movie, and burn it to a dvd that you can use in a stand-alone dvd player. Same as above, it's main purpose is to act as a PVR or TiVo.

To summarize: they basically do the same thing. And I'm sure that lengthy lists of pros and cons can be given for both MythTV and Media Center.

My main argument is that my Media Center could have shown the ball drop quite easily. Whereas Matt's MythTV gave us the blue screen of death and then a mile of Linux code that no one could understand.

I'll be honest - I wasn't always this happy with our Media CenterPC, however, knock on wood, it has been working great lately. All our favourite shows have been recorded, and the guide feature is awesome for searching for other shows. You can search by genre, or for specific actors in movies, or just plain old title searches.

Both of the two apps are completely customizable - and both have a wide array of plugins that can be added so you can surf the web and email clients, get the latest news and weather, even use it as a video phone, all from the comfort of your couch with the remote.

I guess for a decision to truly be made, I will have to visit Matt's again so he can show me the 'working' version of MythTv 0.20 - and in all fairness, I should show him the neat things that can be done with Media Center. So stayed tuned to both super_ap and Bloggin it up for more to come about the MythTv / MediaCenter duel of 2007.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sports, Sports, SPORTS!

I gotta tell ya, I frickin love the Wii Sports game for our Nintendo Wii. The games are all so easy and fun. I can't wait for my dad to come out and try it. Perhaps we can have him over this weekend.

For those of you who live under a rock, Wii Sports includes: Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. For Ferda and I, our favourites are tennis, baseball and bowling. Ferda is absolutely great at the tennis game. I'm still learning some of the techniques to master the sport.

I'm very glad that Ferda was able to pick up the Wii the other week. It's far better than I ever could have imagined. Now I need to decide what game to get next. Perhaps Sonic? Or Super Smash Bros? Or maybe WarioWare? Or even the new MarioParty8 that comes out in March...

... so many choices.

I picked up some rechargeable batteries from Walmart, so the wiimotes are all set and ready for extended play! I've heard from many that the wiimotes eat through batteries very quickly. In fact - one of ours has already crapped out. But that's ok now because I have these new rechargeables. Sadly though in the controller area, I am still missing one nunchuk. Extra controllers are very hard to find.

Later in February, Wii Play will be released. It's a collection of 9 games similar to Wii Sports - it comes with table tennis, air hockey, pool, and some others I don't quite understand right now. It's going to be packaged with a wiimote. So that's definitely a good buy - if you can find it of course. And I think it's only going to be $5 more than the regular cost of the remote. Question is do I really need 3 wiimotes? Matt says yes. But what does he know - cough - MythTV sucks - cough. :-)

Another release we are excited for is called Mama: Cookoff or something. Basically its like Iron Chef - a competition in the kitchen using the wiimote to control all aspects of meal preparation! Could be really cute. But I suppose it could also get old quickly.

And of course to be released in March is Super Mario Galaxy, the new Mario platform for the Wii. This is a must buy I think. Damn, seems like I will need to get a second job soon. Good thing I have always wanted to be a subway sandwich artist.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


[MSN conversation from 1:09pm, January 2, 2007]

Ferda says: I have a confession...

James says: diet related? or shopping related?

Ferda says: it starts with a 'pres' and ends with a 'cott'

James says: starts with 'pi' and ends with 'zza'?

Ferda says: starts with a 'meat' and ends with a 'ballsandwich'

The Little Things

Back to work today after a nice holiday. In fact, I'm back to work in a new job starting today. Things have been going ok so far - not much to report. However, I have a feeling that things will work out just fine - and here's why:

In my old office, the men's bathroom had only one urinal, one stall, and one sink. But in this office, the men's bathroom has two of each!