Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boring Update

I remember back in November I wrote this post about the gym and my weight training. Back then I felt like it was tough to continue my routine of lunch-hour gym visits. I feel like I should do a follow-up on this, perhaps as a motivation to myself, to record my progress and keep my eyes on a target. That's what you gotta do, really, is set relatively easy goals that you know you can reach. I think this methodology can be applied to pretty much anything in life. As you reach these goals, and set new, higher ones, you can stay focused and be happy with the progression you have made.

So - after I wrote that other post back in late November, I did make some changes to my routine. Whereas I used to go pretty much 5 days a week, I decreased the frequency to about 3-4 days a week. Sure, by the end of the week I maybe haven't done as many different exercises as previously, but this way I am more happy (and willing) to go there. I would tell myself to push myself today, so that I can have a nice break (Subway!) tomorrow.

As well, over the holiday break - I didn't do a damn thing exercise related. Which was very nice. I think this helped also by allowing my body to fully rest and my muscles to fully heal. When I came back to the gym last week, I was definitely able to increase my lifting power with my muscles fully rested. (now if only I could increase my killing power...)

Also - within the past week since I started going again, I maintained that 3-4 times a week idea, and I have seen some pleasing results. I'm down a handful of pounds (see you next year, turkey weight) and my fitness levels have started to improve. In a couple more weeks, winter ultimate will begin - we're planning on having a small team this year: less subs = more playing time. That's great. I could use more of the cardio gained from running. It will help me get in shape for summer ultimate when that starts up in May.

Looking towards the future, specifically in terms of my workout routine: I think I need to work on allowing more rest in between sets. Its hard going over there at lunch because there really isn't a lot of time - it makes you rush and not take your time - which is unfourtunate. So this will be tough. Oh well, what am I going to do. I shouldn't complain, really, right? I mean, I am lucky enough that I get to go.


Holly said...

Way to go James! I am now looking forward to loosing a handful of pounds myself! Summer here I come!

James said...

Thanks Holly.

Keep at it!