Tuesday, January 02, 2007


[MSN conversation from 1:09pm, January 2, 2007]

Ferda says: I have a confession...

James says: diet related? or shopping related?

Ferda says: it starts with a 'pres' and ends with a 'cott'

James says: starts with 'pi' and ends with 'zza'?

Ferda says: starts with a 'meat' and ends with a 'ballsandwich'


Matt said...

Well she kept her resolution for 1/365th of the time. And that's not all bad, it's only 364/365 bad.

Pollcrazy said...

Hey, the power of the Prescott Pizza is very strong!

Jen(nnn) said...

I don't blame you. Who can resist a meatball sub, really?

Ferda said...

in my defense I only ate half the sandwich and didn't have dinner that day. Today I am going to be good!