Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sports, Sports, SPORTS!

I gotta tell ya, I frickin love the Wii Sports game for our Nintendo Wii. The games are all so easy and fun. I can't wait for my dad to come out and try it. Perhaps we can have him over this weekend.

For those of you who live under a rock, Wii Sports includes: Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. For Ferda and I, our favourites are tennis, baseball and bowling. Ferda is absolutely great at the tennis game. I'm still learning some of the techniques to master the sport.

I'm very glad that Ferda was able to pick up the Wii the other week. It's far better than I ever could have imagined. Now I need to decide what game to get next. Perhaps Sonic? Or Super Smash Bros? Or maybe WarioWare? Or even the new MarioParty8 that comes out in March...

... so many choices.

I picked up some rechargeable batteries from Walmart, so the wiimotes are all set and ready for extended play! I've heard from many that the wiimotes eat through batteries very quickly. In fact - one of ours has already crapped out. But that's ok now because I have these new rechargeables. Sadly though in the controller area, I am still missing one nunchuk. Extra controllers are very hard to find.

Later in February, Wii Play will be released. It's a collection of 9 games similar to Wii Sports - it comes with table tennis, air hockey, pool, and some others I don't quite understand right now. It's going to be packaged with a wiimote. So that's definitely a good buy - if you can find it of course. And I think it's only going to be $5 more than the regular cost of the remote. Question is do I really need 3 wiimotes? Matt says yes. But what does he know - cough - MythTV sucks - cough. :-)

Another release we are excited for is called Mama: Cookoff or something. Basically its like Iron Chef - a competition in the kitchen using the wiimote to control all aspects of meal preparation! Could be really cute. But I suppose it could also get old quickly.

And of course to be released in March is Super Mario Galaxy, the new Mario platform for the Wii. This is a must buy I think. Damn, seems like I will need to get a second job soon. Good thing I have always wanted to be a subway sandwich artist.



skeeter said...

Sounds exciting...glad they're coming out with more Wii Sports-type games.
They're definitely more appealing to a gaming layperson like me ;-)

Artoo said...

Glad to read that you are as addicted to the Wii as we (get it "Wii" as... ok, ok!)...

We had both of our families over for New Years and the Wii was a hit... bowling especially for the older folks... my dad beat us all and he has only picked up the controller 3 times in his life... He has the skillz!

Cinthia is hooked on Elebits right now.. she has to play every day.. I think she is at level 18 or something crazy like that...

You names some great future titles there in that list... you seem to have similar tastes as Wii (tee hee) do. Here's hoping that some of the party games can be played over the net at some point.

Benoit said...


James said...

wicked new blog Artoo. I've added a link one the front. Now I have to work on a post as good as yours.

skeeter said...

perhaps it's my crappy work computer...but I can't view the new blog :-(
It flashes something, and I get excited...then, nothing...just a drop down archive menu

James said...

here's a link:

Mii Space

Matt said...

I need to find a better easier way to transport the wii around, I love bringing it with me, but the frickin' bag I use is a little much.

I think I will have to splurge on a good carrying case, extra power and vid cable, and some sort of wii sensor bar replacement.