Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Review: Jan 13-14, 2007

I think this might be the weekend that will be known as the one before the snow came. Winter is here. I take all that previous global warming shit back.

Friday night: I could not tell you what we did. No idea.

Saturday: Did some chores around the house and cleaned up. Went to ultimate at HBH, had a good game. It was pretty close, lost by only two points. The other team was quite strong. Our team still has some issues to work out in terms of gelling and getting our game on. Regardless, I was pretty happy with my performance. I made a number of solid D's and even scored a few points. I was reading the disc and the field very well. I seriously can't wait for winter to end and summer ultimate to begin. It is SO much better than indoor. After our normal game, Ferda got asked by the following team to sub with them. So we stuck around and I watched her play a second game. Once she was done, we headed home and and cleaned up. Alex and Holly came for dinner - Ferda made chicken stir fry curry style. After dinner we watched The Illusionist on the new plasma. Pretty good movie, kept our interest, even Holly's - which is hard sometimes as she's prone to sleeping while watching movies at our place. I think most people would enjoy this, so check it out. After the movie, we fired up the Wii and had some massive tennis and bowling matches. I think Holly was the winner in bowling - Ferda probably won tennis. Then we all did our Wii Sports Age - very funny. Much harded to concentrate when you have a crowd watching you.

Sunday: Watched Corrie St. in the morning while we ate a nice egg breakfast. Decided to go to the cinemas and see a movie there: Night at the Museum. This was a really fun movie, aimed towards children, judging by the amount of rotten kids in the theatre, but we really enjoyed it. I think we are still big children at heart when it comes to movies. Went home after that, watched a lot of tv, ate some quick dinner, than watched more TV, 24 season 6 premiere included.

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