Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Review: Jan 6-7

Where to start? Following up on Matt's last post, the weather here in Ottawa has been incredible lately. Really you can't complain at all, considering the average for now is around -10. Climate change is a REAL issue. Governments of today need to start making REAL decisions so governments of tomorrow will actually have people, and a planet, to govern over. My $0.02 for this topic (for now...).

The weekend for the Pimpson's was nice. Friday took it easy, watched tv. Saturday we watched some more tv, and a couple movies:

The Ant Bully: Kid's cartoon similar to 'Over the Hedge' and 'Bug's Life'. Good story, we liked it a lot. We are fans of this genre: kid's movies with Hollywood voice talents. This featured Nic Cage and Julia Roberts I believe. A+.

The Last Kiss: A movie by Zach Braff of the tv show 'Scrubs'. We really enjoyed his first movie, 'Garden State' which starred him opposite Natalie Portman. First things first, this movie deserves a RED FLAG warning on the front cover. The movies follows the lives of a few different friends, now in their late 20's and early thirties, who ALL seem to be have mid-life-crisis's by either cheating on, or leaving, their current wives/gf's. So be careful if you plan on watching this with your significant other - be prepared for a fight afterwards. Or, at least, a lengthy conversation. ;-)

Also on Saturday we did some shopping. My favourite kind of shopping. TV shopping. I won't go into the details here, but I will say it's BEAUTIFUL. Stop by and take a look. Everything looks great on it: Wii, DVDs, Media Center.

Later that Saturday evening, my dad came over for dinner. Ferda made her amazing meatloaf and a super side-dish of potatoes covered in cheese. Great dinner. Was nice to see my dad, he really liked the TV, and he also liked the Wii. He really picked up on golf quickly. Not a huge bowling fan. He is also a fan of the Media Center, in fact, he's amazed at how much recorded tv can fit on a hard drive. I suppose he still thinks back to the old days of computers when he owned an IBM PC Junior, that had only 256 KB of RAM. NO HARD DRIVE. I remember that PC. Good for two things: Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man.

Even LATER that Saturday night, Heather and JamesMo came by for some Wii-ing. Played a LOT of tennis, and got into some multiplayer Elebits action. Made for a late night but we love hanging around those guys.

Sunday took it easy, picked up some component Wii cables from EBgames in Barrhaven, ran into Kevin who was working there. The store was packed. Full of greedy little kids eager to spend their Christmas money. For dinner, we had Darryl over, our captain from out winter ultimate team, also a Wii owner. So some more Wii Sports and Ferda made a wicked homemade pizza with salami, montreal smoked meat, pineapple, peppers, mushrooms, and I'm sure I'm missing something here. Anyway, great pizza, great weekend.


warrenyeung said...

Governments should definitely be more proactive I agree. But I think that we as citizens can do things as well - every little thing helps - and we shouldn't wait for the government to force us to do things to help the environment.

I notice I didn't get an invite for any of the weekend festivities...

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James said...

Mr. Yeung - you are one to talk - driving a big SUV. :-)

Woohoo! Online gambling!

Palmer said...

What the this for real? Does Warren REALLY drive a big SUV? Don't you sign away your right to comment on environmental issues when you make a purchase like that? ;-)

James said...

I dont think he acutally made the purchase himself, however, he does currently drive a nissan pathfinder, and live downtown (walking distance to many places).



warrenyeung said...

oh i totally agree with you both; i should be the last to complain about inaction on the environment! and i wasn't point was, we should not point to others for solutions, if we have not attempted to do anything ourselves.

i've made a promise to myself to buy a hybrid car as my next vehicular purchase, to compensate for my environment destructing ways. though, i do have to say that i have a bus pass right now, and am driving the car a lot less!

Ferda said...

I just brought some tinfoil to construct warren's medal

Ferda said...

brought = bought