Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucky Lucky, You're So Lucky

Been a while - no doubt. Call this one a weekend review or whatever. Didn't do much over the weekend. Visited Kelley and Lee on Saturday night. They made us a great dinner. We played a couple games of Settlers with them, they liked it I think. Of course Ferda was mad she didn't win. ;-P

Watched a lot of recorded tv over the weekend, also a movie called Flushed Away. Cute movie, pretty darn funny.

The HD box finally arrived from Rogers. Watched Heroes last night in HD, looked great. Also watched some of the Oscars in HD too. Have yet to see a hockey game in HD, but perhaps that will happen this week. Did watch a bit of a basketball game to see what that's like.

On Sunday, Ferda was really awesome and she made this homemade stuffed crust pizza, OMG - so good. She's really an incredible cook with no boundaries. She can cook all styles and tastes. I'm really lucky to have her for many reasons.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Return of the Smack

[MSN conversation from Monday, February 19th - 3:27 pm]

Ferda says: - it's a carrot

James says: ewww - def not safe for work. ;-)

Ferda says: it's funny - oh it's a carrot it's fine

James says: hahaha - Honey, I didn't know you were into veggie porn...

Ferda says: I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DORK

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday News

I like to refer to the hours of 5-7:30pm each weekday night as the dead-zone. As if you might as well be dead instead of answering the phone - we get so many telemarketers calling during these hours it's crazy. Ferda has officially given up and will not answer the phone around this dead-zone because of the sheer annoyance. However - I'm still hopeful it'll be an important call so I always pick it up.

So last night, I made my usual error of picking up the phone around 6:30; of course - telemarketer - however: this one had a twist...

It was a woman who claimed to be a producer for the upcoming Canadian Idol show. And she asked me if I knew a Ryan [last name removed]. Anyway, she asked how I knew him, general questions about him, and specifically about his musical talents. Of course - I told her he's the worst singer ever... NOT.

No, just kidding, I told her that Ryan is a great singer, completely versatile is music style, and that he's cool like a cucumber under pressure. I gave her all the examples of him singing: weddings, at his work talent show, etc.

Well Ryan, congrats on your progress so far through the selection committee. You never told me you were going for it, but no worries. Good luck with the rest of the competition! We all really hope you make it.

Ultimate News

We were called into action to sub for a couple different ultimate teams late last night. Originally called by Kevin to sub for his team, which we did; then we were asked by the next team playing to sub for them as well. Made for a late night, but it was great! And here's why:

[The following contains graphic terminology specifically used in an ultimate setting. Please do not attempt to understand wtf I'm talking about if you've never played the sport. Reader discretion is advised.]

During the second game, both Ferda and I were on for the same point. I was marking the handler, forcing a hard right-hand flick, deep in the field, near the opponent's end zone. I had a solid mark on him, and at around stall 6 he had no option but to turn and look for the dump - who happened to be Ferda's check. Ferda's mark didn't really made a solid cut to break away from Ferda, and as a result, the pass my check gave to his dump was high and lofty. I guess his plan was to was to pop it up over Ferda and have the girl snag it behind her. Oh well, not what happened since Ferda had wicked positioning on her check, she completely boxed her out, and pulled down the disc in the opponents end zone scoring a callahan.

That's right. Ferda's.First.Callahan. I wanted to keep the game disc so we could get it bronzed, but apparently that sort of thing is just not done. Congratz Ferda!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday News

I have been asked by a friend at work to post a link to her hubby's site - his bday is this weekend and she's aiming for a lot of hits (so help out and click it!):

Click Me

On a completely different topic - I've begun training the new super_ap (or A/P Supervisor), but I have yet to tell her about her blogging duties...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The H is O (in the kitchen!)

Last night Ferda made a great dinner called Worth Every Penne - it's from her favourite cookbook (I think it's her fav, at least) called Eat, Shrink & Be Merry. Ferda and Jen are always trying new recipes from it and sharing the results.

Let me tell ya - so tasty. Lately she's been making some really great meals: from tex-mex lasagna, to butternut squash soup, pad thai, and many others; her recipe repertoire is expanding exponentially. And I'm reaping all the benefits!

Only downside with last night's meal was that we were sadly out of penne, so it was actually Worth Every Rotini!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ZOMG! BIG TV WEEK!!!1!one two

Lots of good tv this week. Not only did last night have new episodes of Heroes and 24, it also had the premiere of The Hills Season 2 on MTV. Also starting back up this week is Lost!

If you thought I was strange before because I like Laguna Beach - I'm here to disappoint you even further by saying I like The Hills even more. And this season has the potential to be great with love interests provided by Brody Jenner and Spence (don't know his last name) of Princes of Malibu fame. Have you ever watched that show? Brody Jenner is the step son of David Foster, a HUGE music producer in LA. He's in his young twenties and is TOTALLY spoilled and reckless. Spends so much money, destroys his step-dad's property and belongings; it's just plain crazy. Watching this show makes my jaw drop and my head shake.

Anway, since LC is no longer with Jason from season 1, and she seems to be hooking up with Brody, things could get very interesting.

Sorry Mom - I'm a reality tv junkie.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend Review: Feb 4-5

Man - Mondays certainly do suck. Back to work after a nice weekend break. Spending time at home, taking it easy, seeing some friends, and then BAM! back to work. Sucky sucky work. Professional ski bum looks pretty sweet right about now.

Had a lot of fun at Mike and Mel's place on Saturday night. It was also nice to see everyone again that we haven't seen for a while. Winter turns us all into hermit crabs: hiding in our protective shells only coming out to occasionally feed on the sea's scraps spread across the ocean floor. Ugh - never mind. Watching too much Discovery Channel I guess.

Also this weekend we got a win on our ultimate game on Saturday afternoon. I snagged a couple points and Ferda had a good game as well. I suppose it can be blamed from a lack of stretching before and after the game, but my legs and back are quite stiff today. This is also contributing to the sucky Monday.

Yesterday, Ferda spoiled me, James and Heather with a whole lot of tasty food. We watched parts of the game, played some Wii Sports and WarioWare. Very fun and crazy game. Kinda strange too.

In other news, February is under way. That's good to know that we are slowly creeping towards summer. Yeay! Summer!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Blogging & Time Waster

I suppose I have a time waster for you: it's called Flash Element TD. JamesMo showed me this one a while ago. I haven't played lately, but when he first showed me, we were both playing quite often trying to make it past the bonus levels at the end. If you're not sure how to play, send me a note, and I'll explain.

Another quality time waster I keep going back to is Dice Wars. Possibly the best, single player flash game you can find. Something so satisfying about beating the light green team.

Glad you all got a kick outta the last post about RRSPs and divorces. :-) Haha. I never would have thought that would get 14 comments. But just to make sure, in case you cared, we're not getting a divorce. ;-) LMAO

So now that winter is here and we're all in the middle of it, what is everyone up to? Watching movies? More tv? Yoga classes? We've been watching our usual dosage of tv through the famed Media Center. Man! Did you see Heroes this week? Huge plot development in turns of adding more Heroes. I won't get into it too deep - don't want to spoil it for someone. But man, what a great tv show. Perhaps one of the best this year. If you are not watching it, what are you watching?

Another show we catch each week is Medium. Anyone else watch this show? We are really into these crime-solving "Law & Order"/"CSI" hybrids. Anyway, Medium adds a flare of the unknown with her ability curse of psychic sense. She sees some messed up stuff.

Thursday nights on tv bring two of the comedy shows out there right now: The Office and My Name is Earl. Both of these shows are hilarious. All the characters in the Office and really well developed, make you laugh, and are so funny. And I think the thing about My Name is Earl is that it's such white trash - it's so funny. Earl's ex-wive, Joy, is the best character on that show. She is so trashy yet so funny.

Movies - last couple movies we saw: The Protector starring Tony Jaa of Ong-Bak and Employee of the Month, starring JSimp. Both were pretty good, but of the two, I would recommend the Protector. Great action sequences.

Peace and have a great weekend.