Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Blogging & Time Waster

I suppose I have a time waster for you: it's called Flash Element TD. JamesMo showed me this one a while ago. I haven't played lately, but when he first showed me, we were both playing quite often trying to make it past the bonus levels at the end. If you're not sure how to play, send me a note, and I'll explain.

Another quality time waster I keep going back to is Dice Wars. Possibly the best, single player flash game you can find. Something so satisfying about beating the light green team.

Glad you all got a kick outta the last post about RRSPs and divorces. :-) Haha. I never would have thought that would get 14 comments. But just to make sure, in case you cared, we're not getting a divorce. ;-) LMAO

So now that winter is here and we're all in the middle of it, what is everyone up to? Watching movies? More tv? Yoga classes? We've been watching our usual dosage of tv through the famed Media Center. Man! Did you see Heroes this week? Huge plot development in turns of adding more Heroes. I won't get into it too deep - don't want to spoil it for someone. But man, what a great tv show. Perhaps one of the best this year. If you are not watching it, what are you watching?

Another show we catch each week is Medium. Anyone else watch this show? We are really into these crime-solving "Law & Order"/"CSI" hybrids. Anyway, Medium adds a flare of the unknown with her ability curse of psychic sense. She sees some messed up stuff.

Thursday nights on tv bring two of the comedy shows out there right now: The Office and My Name is Earl. Both of these shows are hilarious. All the characters in the Office and really well developed, make you laugh, and are so funny. And I think the thing about My Name is Earl is that it's such white trash - it's so funny. Earl's ex-wive, Joy, is the best character on that show. She is so trashy yet so funny.

Movies - last couple movies we saw: The Protector starring Tony Jaa of Ong-Bak and Employee of the Month, starring JSimp. Both were pretty good, but of the two, I would recommend the Protector. Great action sequences.

Peace and have a great weekend.


Kevin said...

that woman from Medium cannot act to save a life... it's painful!

James said...

Patricia Arquette I believe. I don't mind her.

Actually, she pisses me off everytime she wakes up from a nightmare and scares the crap outta her husband. I feel bad for that guy!

Matt said...

What bonus levels?

James said...

Maybe they've change that game since the last time I played it. When it was first developed, they were rolling out new changes all the time.

But it used to be around level 30 or so you would get past the main content, and they would throw crazy hard levels at you with like 35,000 hp creeps.

Matt said...

Damn, I was looking for more levels.

I think the game is easier than when you last played though,

It was really fun though, needs more levels.

James said...

I tried again just now. I could only beat up to level 39, level 40 was just too tough.

Matt said...

I ended up with the center full of expensive towers.
Seemed to do the trick

James said...

fire towers are your friend.

Matt said...

Check out you tube, there are a few people showing how to make it up the first 20 or so levels with lots of money.