Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday News

I like to refer to the hours of 5-7:30pm each weekday night as the dead-zone. As if you might as well be dead instead of answering the phone - we get so many telemarketers calling during these hours it's crazy. Ferda has officially given up and will not answer the phone around this dead-zone because of the sheer annoyance. However - I'm still hopeful it'll be an important call so I always pick it up.

So last night, I made my usual error of picking up the phone around 6:30; of course - telemarketer - however: this one had a twist...

It was a woman who claimed to be a producer for the upcoming Canadian Idol show. And she asked me if I knew a Ryan [last name removed]. Anyway, she asked how I knew him, general questions about him, and specifically about his musical talents. Of course - I told her he's the worst singer ever... NOT.

No, just kidding, I told her that Ryan is a great singer, completely versatile is music style, and that he's cool like a cucumber under pressure. I gave her all the examples of him singing: weddings, at his work talent show, etc.

Well Ryan, congrats on your progress so far through the selection committee. You never told me you were going for it, but no worries. Good luck with the rest of the competition! We all really hope you make it.


ferdao said...

how bizzare was that??!!? I was wondering if you were going to post about it.

I hope you make it Ryan!!!

AquariusDragon said...

Hey! Mike and I received a similar phone call the other night. Well, actually, Mike received the call since I was in class. Cool! I hope Ryan kicks butt... that'll be TWO stars that I know, VĂ©ro being the other ;)

Matt said...

wtf, I got a call too, I thought it was just a prank phone call, I kept pestering the person to tell me who they were, they wouldn't give me a call back number.

Pretty funny though, Ryan should definitely hit up Canadian Idol, I didn't even know they were having auditions in Ottawa till the random phone call, (and after I verified online).

lol, she had the gaul to ask me for more phone numbers of people to interview. Ya right! I wonder who gave her my phone number?
Ottawa, ON
March 25 – 26
St. Laurent Centre
1200 St. Laurent Blvd
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

AquariusDragon said...

Matt, I think you got the dates wrong... I went to the website ( and it said:

Ottawa, ON
March 17 - 18
St-Laurent Centre

Oh well, as long as Ryan knows since he's the one auditioning!

Holly said...

This is too weird! I thought it was a prank call as well or something but I had the same lady call me. She wouldn't give me any information which is why I thought it wasn't legit but I guess she was calling more than just moi! But I must agree with everyone that Ryan is a kickass singer seeing as I am one of his biggest fans.

J.R. said...

I haven't received a phone call but I think Ryan would be AWESOME performing in Canadian Idol! If I get a phone call, I'll definitely tell them that Ryan is Canada's next Canadian Idol!

David said...

I haven't had a phone call from Canadian Idol, and having not watched the show before I don't know how it works, but I maybe Duncan might have entered Ryan for the show? He has that "Duncan Williams, he's the man" song on his computer that he could have used for a Demo. Unless Ryan secretly applied himself but didn't want to tell anyone???

Matt said...

Your right Mel, I accidentally posted the 2006 audition dates.