Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucky Lucky, You're So Lucky

Been a while - no doubt. Call this one a weekend review or whatever. Didn't do much over the weekend. Visited Kelley and Lee on Saturday night. They made us a great dinner. We played a couple games of Settlers with them, they liked it I think. Of course Ferda was mad she didn't win. ;-P

Watched a lot of recorded tv over the weekend, also a movie called Flushed Away. Cute movie, pretty darn funny.

The HD box finally arrived from Rogers. Watched Heroes last night in HD, looked great. Also watched some of the Oscars in HD too. Have yet to see a hockey game in HD, but perhaps that will happen this week. Did watch a bit of a basketball game to see what that's like.

On Sunday, Ferda was really awesome and she made this homemade stuffed crust pizza, OMG - so good. She's really an incredible cook with no boundaries. She can cook all styles and tastes. I'm really lucky to have her for many reasons.


Ferda said...

mmmm stuff crust pizza... funny how there was NONE leftover after I only had 2 slices!!!!! grrrr :-)

Kel said...

How do you call having a wonderful evening with friends not doing much? I'm so insulted. Apparently Dash should have put his foot in your mouth this time!

Shannon said...

aww James...

You're so sappy!